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U.S. cuts military aid to Rwanda over Congo rebel support

(Reuters) – The U.S. government said Saturday it will cut military aid to Rwanda for this year, citing evidence Kigali is supporting rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a significant step by one of Rwanda’s staunchest allies. Rwanda has denied reports by United Nations experts and rights groups that it is backing eastern […]

M23 rebels threaten to treat MONUSCO as hostile forces

M23 rebels in eastern Congo are threatening to view United Nations peacekeepers as hostile forces unless the world body explains its role and refrains from further attacks. The veiled threat came only days after U.N. helicopter gunships on Thursday bombarded several of the M23 rebels’ positions near Rutshuru in North Kivu province. In a letter […]

There is no doubt that my life has been threatened by the president of Rwanda

A prominent Rwandan exile accuses the president of being a dictator, imprisoning political opponents and destabilizing East Africa, adding in an interview Thursday that he believes the leader, who he once served, has hunted him and other dissidents around the world. Kayumba Nyamwasa, once Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s army chief, spoke to The Associated Press […]

Congo and Rwanda agree on plan for anti-rebel force

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and neighbouring states called on Thursday for the creation of an international military force to eliminate armed rebels in the DRC’s turbulent east. Their agreement, signed on the sidelines of an African Union summit in Addis Ababa, proposes an internationally-backed military response to an offensive by rebels in the […]

U.N. chief voices concern to Rwanda over support for Congo rebels

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern to Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Wednesday over U.N. claims that rebels in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were receiving support from Rwandan officials. Ban phoned both Kagame and DRC President Joseph Kabila to discuss a mutiny in the mineral-rich eastern Congo province of North Kivu, which […]

Kagame recrutes and led the Rwandan young people to go fight alongside rebels M23

RPF picks up Rwandan young people unemployed and often not attended school and leads to finally deliver to the war in eastern of Congo and combat at the side of CNDP/M23 led by general Bosco Ntaganda, wanted by the International Criminal Court for serious war crimes, crimes against humanity and crime of recruitment of children […]

Lt Gen Kayumba testifies over shooting

Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, testifying under oath in South Africa Wednesday, described fearing he would become a political prisoner in his homeland and fleeing to Johannesburg, where he was shot. Lt Gen. Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa’s testimony brought East Africa’s fractious politics to South Africa, where he is a witness in the case against three Rwandans […]

Rwanda accuses U.N. of fomenting regional tensions

- Rwanda accused the United Nations of stirring tensions in the Great Lakes region on Thursday after the world body said that men recruited in Rwanda had been tricked into fighting for a rebel group in neighboring Congo. Rwanda has in the past backed rebels in Congo, citing a need to stamp out fighters who […]


IRIBURIRO Twagerageje kwegeranya amakuru ku rugamba rwa nyuma rw’Inzirabwoba, ariko twasaba abandi baba bafite amakuru kuba badufasha kubona amakuru y’urugamba rwo muri 1994, kugirango bibe byadufasha mu myandikire y’igitabo turimo gutegura. Icyiciro cya mbere ni iyi nyandiko yo gusogongeza abasomyi kugira ngo umuntu ashobore kubona amakuru n’inama z’abazasoma iyi nyandiko. Nyuma hazakurikiraho kuganira n’abantu bamwe […]

Dr Théogène RUDASINGWA yakuwe mubarezwe guhanura indege ya Perezida Habyalimana muri Iowa

Igihe Perezida Kagame yari mu ruzinduko muri Amerika aho yari yagiye kuvuga ijambo mu muhango wo gutanga impamyabumenyi ndetse no guhabwa impamyabumenyi (the Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters) na Kaminuza ya William Penn y’ahitwa Oskaloosa muri Iowa, hatanzwe ikirego mu rukiko rwo muri Leta ya Iowa muri Leta zunze ubumwe z’Amerika ku itariki ya […]



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