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Ibiciro ku bitaba telefoni zo hanze byiyongereye

Abantu bose bakoresha itumanaho ryo mu Rwanda, batangiye kujya bacibwa amafaranga igihe bitabye telefoni zo hanze, kandi ibyo bigakorwa no ku banyamahanga bitabye telefoni zo mu mahanga bari mu Rwanda, nk’uko byatangiye ku itariki ya 1 Nyakanga 2012. Ibyo biciro byiyongereye, nyuma y’aho Ikigo cy’ibikorwa bifitiye igihugu akamaro (RURA) cyari cyemeje ko uwitabye telefoni yo […]

Police on Thursday paraded an Isiolo businessman whom they claimed newspapers had mistaken for Rwandan fugitive Felicien Kabuga.

Mr Daniel Muthee Ngera, a 58-year-old man who retired from the civil service in 2000, said the photos published in the Daily Nation and aired in an NTV investigative documentary, were of him taken in his timber workshop in Isiolo. The man was accompanied by his wife and children at a press conference organised by […]

Cinquante ans après son indépendance, le Rwanda se projette en «Singapour africain». Mais le développement du pays profite surtout à une élite

Sécurité partout, mutuelle pour tous, lutte contre la corruption, fibre optique, électrification, boom des services, le Rwanda réussit à vendre à l’étranger une image et des réalisations qui séduisent les bailleurs de fonds. Depuis le génocide de 1994, l’aide est déversée à flots sur ce petit pays qui tente de remonter la pente en intégrant […]

Addendum to the interim report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2012/348) concerning violations of the arms embargo and sanctions regime by the Government of Rwanda

I. Introduction 1. Pursuant to its oral briefing to the Sanctions Committee on 13 June 2012 and in fulfilment of its commitment to provide timely information on arms embargo and sanctions violations to the Committee, the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo submits the present addendum to its interim report (S/2012/348). […]


Kigali High Court has adjourned the verdict of political prisoner Victoire Ingabire, Chair of FDU-INKINGI, to 07 September 2012. The judges ruled they needed more time to deliberate. No reference was made to a pending constitutional review of some contentious genocide laws opening in the Supreme Court from 19 July 2012. Political prisoner Victoire Ingabire […]

Rwanda-Congo: « Rwanda behind Congolese mutiny » :UN Panel

The Rwandan government played a pivotal role in the creation of an armed anti-government mutiny in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and then supplied the so-called M23 mutineers with weapons, ammunitions, and young Rwandan recruits, according to a confidential report by a U.N. Group of Experts. The U.N. panel claimed in a 44-page report, […]

Lt Gen Kayumba testifies over shooting

Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, testifying under oath in South Africa Wednesday, described fearing he would become a political prisoner in his homeland and fleeing to Johannesburg, where he was shot. Lt Gen. Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa’s testimony brought East Africa’s fractious politics to South Africa, where he is a witness in the case against three Rwandans […]

Pascal Kanyandekwe nawe yafatanywe urufunguzo rw’aho Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa yari atuye!

Johannesburg – Umwe mubacuze umugambi wo kwivugana Lt General Kayumba Nyamwasa niwe wihariye urubuga mu rukiko ubwo urubanza rwasubukurwakaga  kuri uyu wa Kabili taliki ya 20/03/2012. Richard Khanye , umwe mu bapolisi bafashe Pascal Kanyandekwe, yatanze ubuhamya busesuye yerekana uko Pascal Kanyandekwe ubwe yamufashije kumuta muri yombi ku italiki ya 02/07/2010 amuha ibimenyetso byose arimo […]

Six Routes Paul Kagame Took to Become a Billionaire

AD, Rwandan President Paul Kagame today is a billionaire, one of the very few Africans that owns a Bombardier Global Express Jet. His story from rugs to riches is most unusual – anyhow Kagame’s empire includes food-processing, real estate, construction, telecommunications, tea estates, jet fuel and tea estates. He operates through a string of cronie […]

Ingabire is under trial for crimes she committed:Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage

It’s 10:45am. I telephone the Rwandese High Commissioner to Uganda Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage, informing him of my arrival at his office in Kamwokya, Kampala for the 11:00am interview. The embassy premises are spotless clean with a carefully mowed compound. The lovely flowers welcome you to the receptionist’s office. “You have to wait for a […]



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