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Addendum to the interim report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2012/348) concerning violations of the arms embargo and sanctions regime by the Government of Rwanda

Addendum to the interim report of the Group of Experts on the  Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2012/348) concerning  violations of the arms embargo and sanctions regime by the  Government of Rwanda 80852-298x300I. Introduction
1. Pursuant to its oral briefing to the Sanctions Committee on 13 June 2012 and in fulfilment of its commitment to provide timely information on arms embargo and sanctions violations to the Committee, the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo submits the present addendum to its interim report (S/2012/348).

2. Since the outset of its current mandate, the Group has gathered evidence of arms embargo and sanctions regime  violations committed by the Rwandan Government. These violations consist of the provision of material and financial support to armed groups operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, including the recently established M23, in contravention of paragraph 1 of Security Council resolution 1807 (2008).

The arms embargo and sanctions regimes violations include the following:
• Direct assistance in the creation of M23 through the transport of weapons and soldiers through Rwandan territory
• Recruitment of Rwandan youth and demobilized ex-combatants as well as Congolese refugees for M23
• Provision of weapons and ammunition to M23
• Mobilization and lobbying of Congolese political and financial leaders for the benefit of M23
• Direct Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) interventions into Congolese territory to reinforce M23
• Support to several other armed groups as well as Forces armées de la République démocratique du Congo (FARDC) mutinies in the eastern Congo
• Violation of the assets freeze and travel ban through supporting sanctioned individuals.

3. Over the course of its investigation since late 2011, the Group has found substantial evidence attesting to support from Rwandan officials to armed groups operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Initially the RDF appeared to establish these alliances to facilitate a wave of targeted assassinations against key officers of the Forces démocratique pour la libération du Rwanda (FDLR) thus significantly weakening the rebel movement (see S/2012/348, paras. 37 and 38). However, these activities quickly extended to support for a series of post-electoral mutinies within the FARDC and eventually included the direct facilitation, through the use of Rwandan territory, of the creation of the M23 rebellion. The latter is comprised of ex-CNDP officers integrated into the Congolese army (FARDC) in January 2009. Since M23 established itself in strategic positions along the Rwandan border in May 2012, the Group has gathered overwhelming evidence demonstrating that senior RDF officers, in their official capacities, have been backstopping the rebels through providing weapons, military supplies, and new recruits.

4. In turn, M23 continues to solidify alliances with many other armed groups and mutineer movements, including those previously benefiting from RDF support. This has created enormous security challenges, extending from Ituri district in the north to Fizi territory in the south, for  the already overstretched Congolese army (FARDC). Through such arms embargo violations, Rwandan officials have also been in contravention of the sanctions regime’s travel ban and assets freeze measures, by including three designated individuals among their direct allies.

5. In an attempt to solve the crisis which this Rwandan support to armed groups had exacerbated, the Governments of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda have held a series of high-level bilateral meetings since early in April 2012. During these discussions, Rwandan officials have insisted on impunity for their armed group and mutineer allies, including ex-CNDP General Bosco Ntaganda, and the deployment of additional RDF units to  the Kivus to conduct large-scale joint operations against the FDLR. The latter request has been repeatedly made despite the fact that:

(a) the RDF halted its unilateral initiatives to weaken the FDLR in lateFebruary;
(b) RDF Special Forces have already been deployed officially in Rutshuru territory for over a year; (c) RDF operational units are periodically reinforcing the M23 on the battlefield against the Congolese army; (d) M23 is directly and indirectly allied with several FDLR splinter groups; and (e) the RDF is remobilizing previously repatriated FDLR to boost the ranks of M23.

Elevated standards of evidence

6. In the light of the serious nature of these findings, the Group has adopted elevated methodological standards. Since early in April 2012, the Group has interviewed over 80 deserters of FARDC mutinies and Congolese armed groups, including from M23. Among the latter, the Group has interviewed 31 Rwandan nationals. Furthermore, the Group has also photographed weapons and military equipment found in arms caches and on the battlefield, and has obtained official documents and intercepts of radio communications. The Group has also consulted dozens of senior Congolese military commanders and intelligence officials as well as political and community leaders with intricate knowledge of developments between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Moreover, the Group has communicated regularly with several active participants of the ex-CNDP mutiny, the M23 rebellion, and other armed groups. Finally, while the Group’s standard methodology requires a minimum of three sources, assessed to be credible and independent of one another, it has raised this to five sources when naming specific individuals involved in these cases of arms embargo and sanctions regime violations.

 II. Rwandan support to M23

7. Since the earliest stages of its inception, the Group documented a systematic pattern of military and political support provided to the M23 rebellion by Rwandan authorities. Upon taking control over the strategic position of Runyoni, along the Rwandan border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, M23 officers opened two supply routes going from Runyoni to Kinigi or Njerima in Rwanda, which RDF
officers used to deliver such support as troops, recruits and weapons. The Group also found evidence that Rwandan officials mobilized ex-CNDP cadres and officers, North Kivu politicians, business leaders and youth in support of M23.

 A. Direct assistance in the creation of M23 through  Rwandan territory

8. Colonel Sultani Makenga deserted  the FARDC in order to create the M23 rebellion using Rwandan territory and benefiting directly from RDF facilitation (see S/2012/348, para. 104). On 4 May, Makenga crossed the border from Goma into Gisenyi, Rwanda, and waited for his soldiers to join him from Goma and Bukavu. Intelligence sources, M23  collaborators and local politicians confirmed for the
Group that RDF Western Division commander, General Emmanuel Ruvusha, welcomed Makenga upon his arrival to Gisenyi. The same sources indicated that Ruvusha subsequently held a series of coordination meetings with other RDF officers in Gisenyi and Ruhengeri over the following days with Makenga.

9. According to ex-CNDP and FARDC officers, also on 4 May, Col. Kazarama, Col. Munyakazi and Col. Masozera, and an estimated 30 of Makenga’s loyal troops departed from Goma crossing into Rwanda through fields close to the
Kabuhanga border. Several FARDC officers, civilian border officials, and intelligence officers stationed at Kanyamuyagha confirmed that they saw clear boot tracks of Makenga’s troops crossing the border into Rwanda only a few metres away from an RDF position on the Rwandan side. These same sources also recovered several FARDC uniforms discarded by the deserters at that location the same night.

10. A second group of Makenga’s loyal troops deserted the FARDC ranks in Bukavu, also via Rwanda. Three former M23 combatants who took part in the operation told the Group that ahead of his desertion, Makenga had gathered about 60 troops under the command of Maj. Imani Nzenze, his secretary, as well as Col. Seraphin Mirindi and Col. Jimmy Nzamuyein at his residence by Lake Kivu in the Nguba neighbourhood of Bukavu (see image 1). At 2030 hours on 4 May, the two large motorized boats transported the 60 troops and several tons of ammunitions and weapons 200 metres across the lake to the Rwandan town of Cyangugu (see S/2012/348, para. 118). The same sources indicated that upon arrival to Rwanda, the boats were sent back once again to Makenga’s residence to recover the remainder of the weapons and ammunition (see image 2). According to one of the M23 combatants who later deserted the movement, and Congolese intelligence services, the evacuated weapons included such heavy weapons as Katyusha rocket launchers, RPG 7, and 14.5 mm machine guns, some of which were brought from Makenga’s weapons caches at Nyamunyoni (see S/2012/348, para. 118). Read more  (


IBIHWIHWISWA HANZE AHA MURI IKI CYUMWERU 1d6f8100-Ingabo z’umuryango w’abibumbye zoherejwe guhagararira mahoro muri Congo MONUSCO, zerekezaga mu gace ka Uvira kuri uyu wa gatatu tariki ya 27 Kamena 2012 ziciye ku butaka bw’u Rwanda, zabujijwe kwinjira mu Rwanda ku mupaka wa Rusizi ya kabiri. Iki gikorwa cyagaragaye nko kwihimura kwa Leta y’u Rwanda kuri MONUSCO kubera ibirego byarezwe u Rwanda ko rutera inkunga inyeshyamba za M23.

-Ngo Ambassadeur Sylvestre Uwibajije hari ibyo atabwiye abanyarwanda bijyanye n’urugendo yagiriye mu Rwanda. Urugero ngo ntacyo avuga ku byo yaganiriye na Gen Jack Nziza.

-Umubare munini w’abasirikare b’u Rwanda barimo koherezwa muri Congo gufasha M23, ni abahoze mu ngabo za FDLR bamaze iminsi batahutse.

-U Rwanda ubu ruri muri gahunda yo gushaka kwinginga Congo ngo barebe ko barangiza ikibazo cyo muri Congo hagati yabo bitiriwe bica mu muryango w’abibumbye ariko Leta ya Congo ngo yababereye ibamba ngo u Rwanda rugomba kubanza rukirukana kandi rugahana abasirikare bakuru bose bafasha cyangwa bafashije M23, ababonye Gen Kabarebe na Lt Gen Kayonga bavuye mu mubonano wabaye mu muhezo mujyi wa Goma baravuga ko bagaragaraga nk’abijimye kandi bafite uburakari.

-Ubu Kagame noneho ari muri opérations za Blanchiment d’argent afatanije na Mafia z’abashinwa za Macao na Hong Kong bakoresheje amasosiyete y’abashinwa bafatanije na FPR akora ibikorwa binyuranye mu Rwanda babeshya ngo ni abashoramari.

-Ejo nasangiye Byeri n’umukongomani w’inshuti yanjye ambwira ukuntu ngo iyi ntambara iri kubera muri Congo yateguwe ndumirwa, sinzi niba ari ukuri cyangwa ikinyoma ariko byanteye kwibaza byinshi. Yagize ati: aba bivumbuye bitwa ko bari muri M23, ngo ni abahoze muri CNDP n’indi mitwe, ngo Kabila yabahaye intwaro n’ubufasha igihe cy’amatora ngo bazamufashe guteza akavuyo igihe Etienne Tshisekedi yaramuka atsinze amatora. Ngo birazwi hose ko Kabila yafashijwe cyane na CNDP n’u Rwanda mu itorwa rye no mu kwiba amajwi. Rero ngo ibyo Kabila yari yemereye abahoze muri CNDP ntabwo yabyubahirije ahubwo arenzaho gushaka gufata Gen Ntaganda kubera igitutu cy’amahanga. Ngo ibi byarakaje cyane abahoze muri CNDP n’u Rwanda bahita batangira kwitegura intambara igomba gutuma bateza ibibazo byinshi bityo Leta ya Congo ikemera gushyikirana nabo bagahabwa byinshi berenze ibyo bemerewe mbere. Ikindi ngo giteye impungenge ngo n’uko abahoze muri CNDP bazi neza ko Congo iramutse ifite amahoro na Demokarasi nta ngufu na nke baba bafite kubera ko ari bake kandi andi moko y’abakongomani akaba atabakunda ngo n’ikimenyimenyi byagaragaye ku ishyaka RCD ryari rifite hafi 1/3 cya Congo yose none ubu kuko ryari baringa rikorerwagamo n’u Rwanda ubu ni nk’aho ryazimye, ngo na CNDP ejo bundi mu matora y’abashingamateka yaratsinzwe bidasubirwaho.

-Madame Mushikiwabo agiye kuzagwa mu nzira aho Kagame amwohereza kurimanganya mu mwanya we, uyu mushiki wacu yaruha kweri! Ngo kuri uyu wa kane tariki ya 28 Kamena 2012 yari i Buruseli mu Bubiligi yagiye gutera ibipindi ababiligi ngo binginge Congo ireke barangize ikibazo bidaciye muriza ONU n’ahandi, yibagiwe ko u Rwanda rwanze kubatumira mu muhango wo kwizihiza imyaka 50 rumaze rwigenga!

Marc Matabaro
Rwiza News




RWANDA: INGABIRE VERDICT POSTPONED TO 07 SEPTEMBER 2012 unfair-justiceKigali High Court has adjourned the verdict of political prisoner Victoire Ingabire, Chair of FDU-INKINGI, to 07 September 2012. The judges ruled they needed more time to deliberate. No reference was made to a pending constitutional review of some contentious genocide laws opening in the Supreme Court from 19 July 2012.

Political prisoner Victoire Ingabire was arrested in October 2010 after she announced her decision to compete for the Presidential office. Since her return to Rwanda, President Paul Kagame has instructed his judiciary to prosecute the challenger. The government of Rwanda alleged there was overwhelming evidence against the opposition leader for charges related to links to FDLR rebellion.

A fresh United Nations report by a group of experts has revealed that it’s the government of Rwanda that is arming, training and backing rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “The U.N. panel also charged that Rwanda Defense Minister, the Army Chief of general staff, key army generals an other Rwandan officers mounted a “wide-ranging” effort to convince Congolese businessmen, politicians, and former rebels that had joined the ranks of the Congolese army to join the so-called M23 mutiny with the aim prosecuting “a new war to obtain a secession of both Kivus”. The same time, Rwanda is vying a seat in the UN security Council.

The international community is still turning a blind eye while innocent citizens in Rwanda and Eastern DRC are crying for relief.

We call upon the Rwandan government to immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners.



Boniface Twagirimana

Interim Vice President

Annexes du rapport de l’ONU sur la guerre au Kivu : Mende dévoile les «preuves accablantes» du soutien des officiels rwandais au M23

Annexes du rapport de l’ONU sur la guerre au Kivu : Mende dévoile les «preuves accablantes» du soutien des officiels rwandais au M23 images-Lambert_MENDE_863379070-300x248

Lambert Mende Omaranga

Les «preuves accablantes» contenues dans les annexes du rapport du Groupe d’experts onusiens identifient le ministre de la Défense et le principal conseiller militaire du président Paul Kagame parmi les officiels rwandais qui approvisionnent le M23 avec des soldats, des armes et des munitions.

Le gouvernement de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) a dévoilé jeudi 28 juin à Kinshasa les «preuves accablantes» des experts onusiens démontrant que «le Rwanda a violé les sanctions des Nations unies en approvisionnant les mutins du groupe armé antigouvernemental dénommé M23 avec des armes, des munitions, des soldats et des jeunes recrues rwandaises».

«Les rapporteurs onusiens citent des officiels rwandais de tout premier plan, notamment un membre du gouvernement, le ministre de la Défense, de même que le chef d’Etat-major général des Forces de défense rwandaises et le principal conseiller militaire du président Kagame. Autant dire que le sommet de la hiérarchie militaire de ce pays voisin», a déclaré le ministre Lambert Mende Omalanga en charge des Médias, des Relations avec le Parlement et de l’Initiation à la nouvelle citoyenneté, au cours d’un point de presse.

«Les preuves accablantes contenues dans le rapport du Groupe d’experts indépendants sur la violation de l’embargo décrété sur les armes destinées aux groupes irréguliers en RDC indiquent que la bande à Bosco Ntaganda disposait en fait d’appuis de très haut niveau de la part du gouvernement rwandais», a insisté le porte-parole du gouvernement.

Il a indiqué qu’un certain nombre d’éléments contenus dans ce rapport étaient connus des autorités congolaises. «C’est depuis le mois de janvier 2012 que nos services d’intelligence ont été alertés à cet égard lorsque commencèrent des vagues de désertion dans trois régiments FARDC en garnison au Kivu. Le gouvernement, qui avait gardé sous le coude les renseignements ainsi recueillis, les avait partagés avec les préposés rwandais à l’Equipe mixte de vérification», a encore révélé l’homme d’Etat congolais.


D’abord, il y a eu «la capture par les FARDC le 14 juin à Rugari (Rutshuru) de l’adjudant Etienne Ntakirutimana des Rwanda Defense Force, qui faisait partie d’une première unité de 80 militaires réguliers de RDF envoyés à Runyonyi pour faire jonction avec les mutins de la bande à Ntaganda et Ruzandiza alias Makenga début mai, pour y préparer un bivouac pour Ntaganda qui venait d’être mis en déroute à Kibumba et Bunagana».

Ensuite, ça été la présence confirmée dans les rangs du fantomatique M23 d’au moins trois bataillons commandés par des officiers rwandais : le 31ème bataillon (colonel Modeste, ex-FAR déployé à Runyonyi, le 69ème bataillon (lieutenant-colonel Thadée, ex-FAR) déployé à Mbuzi et le 99ème bataillon (colonel Kitoko, ancien de l’APR) à Chanzu. «Ces trois bataillons rwandais en mission commandée auprès de Ntaganda ont reçu leur ordre de marche du général Gashayija, commandant la 305ème brigade des RDF à Kinigi près du parc des Virunga», a précisé le ministre Mende.

Enfin, ce fut le «passage par le territoire rwandais du colonel mutin Ruzandiza alias Sultani Makenga, n°2 de la bande à Ntaganda» accompagné de 60 éléments de la bande avec armes et munitions pour rejoindre Runyonyi la nuit du 3 au 4 mai 2012 suivant un itinéraire précis (Bukavu au Sud-Kivu-Cyangugu au Rwanda-Kamembe-Kabuhanga-Gikongoro-Butare-Ngororero-Gisenyi-Mutura-Gasinzi-Kinigi) d’où ils seront escortés jusqu’à Runyonyi au Nord-Kivu.

Ils ont reçu aide et assistance, notamment des facilités de transport lacustre et routier, des uniformes militaires ainsi que des armes et des munitions des mains du major RDF Bakubirigwa et du capitaine Laurent Gasana, S2 de la brigade RDF de Rubavu. A Kabuhanga, ils ont eu une séance de travail avec le général Ruvusha, commandant division a.i. de Rubavu. «On est loin, très loin d’un quelconque conflit entre communautés congolaises qui n’existe pas ou d’une confusion faite au Congo-Kinshasa entre des compatriotes locuteurs du Kinyarwanda et des sujets rwandais évoquée par les autorités rwandaises», a balayé le ministre Mende d’un revers de main les élucubrations de Kigali.


Le Conseil de sécurité ayant rendu publics le rapport des experts onusiens, la RDC «exige que les filières de recrutement, de renforts, d’armement et de ravitaillement en faveur des bandits armés de Ntaganda en terre rwandaise soient démantelées inconditionnellement».

Elle «insiste» auprès de ses «partenaires de la direction politique rwandaise pour qu’ils cessent de chercher, par des insinuations déplacées, à ramener à la surface les atavismes ethniques d’une époque révolue» et dont la région n’a que trop souffert. «Il n’y a à ce jour aucune confrontation interethnique entre des populations congolaises qui vivent au Kivu. Seules les forces négatives et ceux qui leur apportent soutien et assistance à partir de l’extérieur continuent à instrumentaliser ces pauvres énergumènes pour semer le chaos qui fait durer leur projet de cueillette sans contrepartie des ressources naturelles congolaises», a souligné le ministre Mende.

La RDC veut aussi que «cessent également, les propos infamants des autorités rwandaises tendant à décrire la République démocratique du Congo comme un Etat failli dépendant pratiquement de leur bon vouloir pour résoudre ses problèmes». Il en est de même de «leur lobbying un peu trop agressif en faveur de négociations entre le gouvernement congolais et des forces négatives dont le seul haut fait d’armes notables est d’avoir distrait les FARDC de la traque des FDLR que le Rwanda lui-même n’a cessé de réclamer sur tous les tons au cours de ces dernières années».

La RDC juge «dangereuse, pour la paix et la sécurité dans la région», la tentative délibérée du Rwanda de donner une coloration politico-ethnique à un groupe criminel reconnu comme tel par l’ensemble de la communauté internationale, « alors que la classe politique congolaise, dans son ensemble, et toutes les communautés ethniques qui ont en partage les deux provinces du Kivu sans aucune exception la condamnent».

«Il n’est pas inutile de rappeler, aux apôtres de la banalisation du terrorisme, la vanité ce qui tient lieu des revendications de la bande à Ntaganda et Ruzandiza alias Makenga», a averti le porte-parole du gouvernement.

Concernant les haut officiers rwandais cités, le rapport du groupe d’experts de l’ONU rapporte les faits graves en violation flagrante des lois internationales ci-dessous :

- General Jack Nziza, Secrétaire Permanent auprès du ministre de la Défense qui a supervisé les soutiens militaires,financiers,logistiques ainsi que la mobilisation pour les mutins du M23. Il a été récemment envoyé à Ruhengeri et Gisenyi pour coordonner l’assistance et le recrutement au profit du M23

- General James Kabarebe, Ministre de la Défense, qui par le biais de son assistante personnelle, le capitale Celestin Senkoko a été une pièce centrale dans le recrutement et la mobilisation des soutiens tant politiques et militaires pour le M23.Selon le rapport, il est fréquemment en contact avec les membres du M23 et coordonne les opérations militaires sur le front.

- Lt General Charles Kayonga, Chef d’Etat major de l’armée rwandaise qui supervise la globalité du soutien militaire au M23 et est en contact permanent avec le Colonel Makenga, un des leaders de la mutinerie. Il a assuré le transfert des troupes et d’armes par le Rwanda pour le compte du M23.

- Le support militaire au front est dirigé entre autre par le Général Emmanuel Ruvusha, Chef de la région militaire de Gisenyi ainsi que le Général Alexis Kagame, Chef de la région militaire de Ruhengeri. Ils ont tous deux facilité le recrutement de civils et de soldats rwandais démobilisés dont des ex-FDLR pour le M23 et coordonné le soutien de troupes de l’armée rwandaise aux mutins à Runyoni.

- Le Colonel Jomba Gakumba, natif du Nord-Kivu et ancien instructeur de l’armée rwandaise à l’Académie militaire du Rwanda à Gako a été dépeché à Ruhengeri depuis la création du M23 et est en charge de commander localement les opérations militaires de support au M23

- Des anciens officiers de l’armée rwandaise, des politicens ainsi que des mutins ont aussi informé le groupe d’experts de l’ONU que Bosco Ntanganda et Makenga ont fréquemment franchi la frontière rwandaise pour participer à des réunions avec les officiers supérieurs rwandais cités plus haut. Ces memes sources ont confirmé que l’ancien leader du CNDP, Laurent Nkunda qui pourtant est officiellement en résidence surveillée judiciaire à Kigali depuis janvier 2009 a participé à ces réunions avec les officiers supérieurs rwandais et les deux chefs mutins.

source: Le potentiel

Urubanza rwa Victoire Ingabire ruzasomwa tariki ya 7 Nzeri 2012

Urubanza rwa Victoire Ingabire ruzasomwa tariki ya 7 Nzeri 2012 victoire-ingabireAmakuru dukesha Bwana Boniface Twagirimana, Visi Perezida w’agateganyo w’Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi, akoresheje urubuga rwa facebook aratumenyesha ko isomwa ry’urubanza rwa Madame Victoire Ingabire ryimuwe. Yabitangaje muri aya magambo:

« Leta ya Pahuro Kagame ibinyujije mu bacamanza be imaze gutangaza ko isomwa ry’ urubanza rwa politiki iregamo umuyobozi wa FDU-Inkingi Mme Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza wagombaga gusomerwa none tariki ya 29 Kamena 2012 ko rwimuriwe tariki ya 7 Nzeri 2012 ngo kubera ko itabonye umwanya uhagije wo kwiga dossier. »

Urubuga Kigali Today narwo rwagize icyo ruvuga kuri iyi nkuru aho rwagize ruti:

« Isomwa ry’urubanza rwa Ingabire Victoire ryari riteganyijwe kuri uyu wa gatanu ryimuriwe tariki 07/09/2012, nyuma y’uko urukiko rutangaje ku rutararangiza gusuzuma neza urubanza rwe. Asoma umwanzuro w’urukiko, Umucamanza mukuru Alice Ruliza yatangaje ko impamvu yatumye basubika uru rubanza ari uko urukiko rutararangiza gusuzuma urubanza rwa Ingabire ku buryo bunoze. Kugeza ubu ubushinjacyaha buhagarariwe na Alain Mukuralinda, burasabira Ingabire w’abana bane igihano cy’igifungo cya burundu. Urukiko kandi rwateranye Ingabire n’abamwunganira badahari, nyuma y’uko guhera tariki 18/04/2012 atongeye kugaragara imbere y’urukiko. Ingabire yahagaritse kwitaba urukiko avuga ko abatangabuhamya be basatswe ku buryo butubahirije amategeko. Urubanza rwa Ingabire rwakomeje gutinda kubera ko ubushinjacyaha bwakomeje kugaragaza ibimenyetso bimushinja ariko we n’abamwunganira nta wigeze yemera na kimwe muri ibyo bimenyetso. Guhagarika kwitabira urubanza kwa Ingabire Victoire ni imwe mu ntandaro ikomeye yakomeje kugira uru rubanza agatereranzamba kugeza ubu, nk’uko bamwe mu bakurikiraniye hafi uru rubanza babitangaza. »

Ariko nk’uko bigaragara mu nyandiko yanditse mu rurimi rw’igifaranga iri ku rubuga rw’ishyaka FDU-Inkingi yanditswe na Bwana Boniface Twagirimana yiswe Rwanda: La prochaine session de la Cour Suprême pourrait décider de la suspension des poursuites contre la prisonnière politique Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza. Urukiko rw’ikirenga rw’u Rwanda rwahamagaje Madame Victoire Ingabire ku ya 19 Nyakanga 2012, kugira ngo hasubukurwe urubanza, ku kirego cyatanzwe na Madame Ingabire avuga ko itegeko rihana ingengabitekerezo ya Genocide ridakurikije itegeko-nshinga. Nk’uko amategeko y’u Rwanda abiteganya, iki gikorwa gihagarika ibikorwa byose birimo gukorwa n’inzego z’ubutabera zo hasi.

Umuntu akurikije iyi nyandiko yanditswe ku rubuga rwa FDU-Inkingi ntabwo yabura gukeka ko impamvu isomwa ry’urubanza rwa Madame Ingabire ryimuriwe muri Nzeri 2012, ari ukubera uru rubanza rundi ruzasomwa tariki ya 19 Nyakanga 2012 dore ko itegeko rihana ingengabitekerezo ya Genocide Madame Ingabire abona ridahuye n’itegeko nshinga ari ryo urukiko rushobora gukoresha mu rubanza rwe kuko icyo cyaha nacyo kiri mu byo akurikiranyweho.

Mu kiganiro urubuga Rwiza News rwagiranye ku murongo wa Telefone n’umwe mu barwanashyaka ba FDU-Inkingi uri i Kigali, yadusobanuriye ko nta cyizere bafite cy’uko Madame Ingabire azabona ubutabera kuko n’ubundi Madame Victoire Ingabire ari umwere uru akaba ari urubanza rwa politiki. Ngo ntabwo umuntu yakwizera ubutabera mu rubanza yikuyemo kubera ko yabonaga rubogamye. Akomeza avuga ko Madame Ingabire n’ishyaka FDU-Inkingi nta kibi bifuriza ubutegetsi bw’u Rwanda, ahubwo bifuzaga gutanga umuganda wabo bagafatanya n’abandi banyarwanda  mu kubaka igihugu no guharanira ko abanyarwanda babona ubutabera, ubwisanzure na demokarasi.

Marc Matabaro

Rwiza News


Congo irasaba u Rwanda kureka kwenyegeza umuriro muri Congo

Congo irasaba u Rwanda kureka kwenyegeza umuriro muri Congo ALeqM5iguJWCbtXos6r-NcAQLtCBKKoZFw

Bwana Lambert Mende Omaranga

Kuri uyu wa kane tariki 28 Kamena 2012, Leta ya Congo yiyamye u Rwanda irurega gutera inkunga abigometse bibumbiye muri M23, mu ijwi ry’umuvugizi wayo Lambert Mende yasabye u Rwanda kandi guhagarika kureka abasirikare bakuru barwo bagakomeza guteza intambara.

Lambert Mende mu kiganiro yagiranye n’abanyamakuru i Kinshasa yavuze ko hari ibimenyetso simusiga biri mu mugereka wa rapport y’impuguke za ONU, bivuga ko M23 yabonye inkunga y’abasirikare b’u Rwanda bo mu rwego rwo hejuru. Yongeraho ko Congo isaba ko u Rwanda rwahagarika uburyo n’inzira bikoreshwa mu gushakira abasirikare bashya no guha ibikoresho inyeshyamba za M23 nta mananiza.

Izo nyeshyamba za M23 zigizwe n’abahoze mu mutwe wa CNDP wari ushyigikiwe n’u Rwanda, ziyobowe na Gen Bosco Ntaganda ushakishwa n’urukiko mpuzamahanga mpanabyaha ICC/CPI. Zari zinjijwe mu ngabo za Congo mu 2009 ariko ubu zivuga ko Leta ya Congo itubahirije ibyo bari barasezeranye ngo akaba ariyo mpamvu zigometse ku butegetsi guhera muri Mata 2012.

Inama y’umutekano y’umuryango w’abibumbye yatangaje kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki 26 Kamena 2012 mu mugoroba rapport y’impuguke z’umuryango w’abibumbye ariko ntiyatangaza umugereka wayo, Ibiro ntaramakuru by’abafaransa AFP byashoboye kubona  uwo mugereka w’iyo rapport, hakaba hagaragaramo ko abasirikare bakuru b’ingabo z’u Rwanda, ku mategeko ya Leta yabo bashyigikiye inyeshyamba za M23 baziha intwaro, ibikoresho bindi bya gisirikare, n’abarwanyi bashya.

Mu basirikare bakuru bavuzwe harimo Gen James Kabarebe, Ministre w’ingabo, Lt Gen charles Kayonga, umugaba mukuru w’ingabo, Gen Jackson Nkurunziza a.k.a Nziza akaba yarahoze akuriye inzego z’iperereza ubu ni umunyamabanga uhoraho muri Ministère y’ingabo, na Gen Emmanuel Ruvusha, umukuru wa Division y’uburengerazuba y’ingabo z’u Rwanda.

Ariko Leta y’u Rwanda yo ikomeje guhakana yivuye inyuma ko hari inkunga iha inyeshyamba za M23. Ministre w’ububanyi n’amahanga w’u Rwanda Madame Louise Mushikiwabo yateye utwatsi iyo rapport avuga ko iyo nyandiko ibogamye kandi ituzuye ngo ishingiye ku myanzuro y’agateganyo kandi igomba kongera igakorerwa isuzuma neza. Ngo igitutu cy’itangazamakuru cyatumye iyo rapport itangazwa u Rwanda rutarabona umwanya wo kwisobanura ku byo ruregwa. Kandi ngo ingabo za Congo zananiwe gukumira inyeshyamba za M23 none Leta ya Congo n’inshuti zayo zirashaka kwegeka icyo kibazo ku Rwanda. Ngo u Rwanda rwatumiye impuguke za ONU i Kigali ngo zikomeze iperereza  kandi ngo zarabyemeye.

Lambert Mende we avuga ko ngo byabatangaza ko Ministre w’ingabo z’igihugu yakora ibintu ku giti cye mu kibazo gikomeye nk’iki akaguma ku kazi ke nka ministre. Akomeza avuga ko ikizagenerwa uwo muministre bizaba bigaragaza neza niba Leta y’u Rwanda ifite uruhare cyangwa ntarwo. Yemeza kandi ko ngo Bataillons 3 z’ingabo z’u Rwanda ziri kumwe n’inyeshyamba za M23, zishinze ibirindiro mu misozi iri hafi y’umupaka w’u Rwanda na Uganda. Ngo biratangaje ko umukuru w’ingabo z’u Rwanda yashobora gufata icyemezo cyo kohereza ingabo ku butaka bw’igihugu cy’amahanga nta ruhushya rw’umukuru w’ingabo w’ikirenga ari we mukuru w’igihugu (Paul Kagame) kandi akaguma mu mirimo ye nyuma y’aho Perezida wa Repubulika abimenyeye. Ngo naguma mu kazi ke bizaba byigaragaje ko ibyo yakoze yabikoze agendeye ku byo umukuriye yifuzaga, ngo ibyo byaba bikomeye.

Ikindi cyagarutsweho na Bwana Lambert Mende n’uko ibirego u Rwanda rurega Congo ngo byo gushaka gukorana na FDLR ari ibinyoma byambaye ubusa, ngo birumvikana ko abayobozi b’u Rwanda bashaka kuyobya uburari ku birego bikomeye bibashinjwa.

Andi makuru atangazwa n’ibiro ntaramakuru by’abafaransa AFP aravuga ko: abajenerali Kabarebe na Kayonga bari mu mujyi wa Goma kuri uyu wa kane tariki ya 28 Kamena 2012, bari kumwe na bagenzi babo ba Congo, Ministre w’ingabo Alexandre Ntambo Luba, umugaba mukuru w’ingabo za Congo (FARDC), Lt Gen Didier Etumba, kugira ngo baganire mu muhezo ku kibazo cy’umutekano.

Marc Matabaro
Rwiza News


PS Imberakuri: ITANGAZO RIGENEWE ABANYAMAKURU N° 13/P.S.IMB/012. Some-Imberakuri-during-the-high-national-council-182x300

Eric Nshimyumuremyi

Kuri uyu wa 28 Kamena 2012 nibwo umuyobozi w’ishyaka PS Imberakuri mu karere ka Kicukiro bwana NSHIMYUMUREMYI Eric yari imbere y’umucamanza ategereje icyemezo kimufatirwa,ariko mu gihe cya saa cyenda n’igice (15h30) umucamanza yafashe icyemezo cyo kuzongera kuburanisha urwo urubanza kuwa 16/07/2012.

Ubushinjacyaha bumukurikiranyeho ibyaha birimo:Kurwanya abarinzi b’amahoro,kwitwaza intwaro atabifitiye uburenganzira ndetse no gushaka kwica umutoni wa FPR Mme MUKABUNANI Christine mu kuyobya abanyamahanga doreko nta munyarwanda utakizi ibikorwa bye.

Impamvu nyamukuru yo kudasoma icyemezo cy’uru rubanza ngo nuko hazagenderwa ku itegeko rishya rihana ibyaha mu Rwanda,umucamanza akaba yasobanuye ko yaburanye iryo tegeko rishya ritarasohoka.

Twabibutsa ko NSHIMYUMUREMYI yarashwe avuye kumva urubanza rw’umukuru wa FDU Inkingi Mme INGABIRE UMUHOZA Victoire,abamurashe batumwe na supertendent MUGENGANA Fidele ushinzwe kurwanya iterabwoba muri polisi y’u Rwanda,ubu akaba afungiye muri gereza nkuru ya Kigali akaba kandi kugeza ubu atari yemerwa kuvurwa.

Igiteye inkenke kugeza ubu n’uburyo asigaye arwara indwara y’umutima akaba yarahawe urupapuro na mugaga rumwemerera kujya kwivuza indwara yiyongera ku isasu rikimurimo ariko kugeza magingo aya nta burenganzira arahabwa n’ubuyobozi bwa gereza.

Ishyaka ry’Imberakuri rikomeje kunenga imikorere y’ubutabera bw’uRwanda kuko bimaze kugaragara ko nta butabera abatavuga rumwe nabwo bashobora kubona mugihe hakomeje kugaragara ibikorwa nk’ibyavuzwe haruguru ndetse nibyagiye bigaragara mu manza zitandukanye z’abatavuga rumwe na leta.Riboneyeho kandi kongera gusaba ubuyobozi bw’amagereza kwikubita agashyi maze bukemerako bwana NSHIMYUMUREMYI yivuza kimwe n’izindi mfungwa zibuzwa ubwo burenganzira.

Ishyaka ry’Imberakuri riharanira imibereho myiza kandi rikomeje gusaba leta iyobowe na FPR Inkotanyi kurekura bwana Eric NSHIMYUMUREMYI kuko ibyaha akurikiranyweho byose bishingiye kuri politiki kandi akaba biri no muri wa mugambi wo kutihanganira na rimwe abatavuaga rumwe n’ubutegetsi FPR ibereye ku isonga.

Bikorewe I Kigali kuwa 28/06/2012

Umunyamabanga mukuru w’ishyaka.

Leta y’u Rwanda irarega Leta ya Congo gutegura ibitero ku Rwanda.

Leta y’u Rwanda irarega Leta ya Congo gutegura ibitero ku Rwanda. kagame-reception-083

Yolande Makolo

Abategetsi b’u Rwanda bareze kuri uyu wa kane tariki ya 28 Kamena 2012 igihugu cya Congo gusubukura imikoranire hagati y’ingabo za Congo (FARDC) n’inyeshyamba za FDLR mu rwego rwo kugaba ibitero ku Rwanda.

U Rwanda narwo ubwarwo rwari rwarezwe, cyane cyane n’impuguke z’umuryango w’abibumbye, gufasha inyeshyamba za M23.

Ushinzwe itangazamakuru mu biro bya Perezida Kagame, Madame Yolande Makolo yatangarije biro ntaramakuru by’abafaransa AFP ko Perezida Joseph Kabila wa Congo akoresheje umujyanama we mu by’umutekano Pierre Numbi, yahaye ubutumwa Julien Paluku Kahongya, Guverineri w’intara ya Kivu y’amajyaruguru, bwo gushaka abantu bamwe na bamwe baba bafite imigenderanire na FDLR kugira ngo bashobore kuvugana n’umuyobozi mukuru w’ingabo za FDLR bityo bashobore kumwumvisha ko hashobora gusubukurwa imikoranire hagati y’ingabo za Congo (FARDC) na FDLR.

Nk’uko Madame Yolande Makolo akomeza abivuga ngo ni muri urwo rwego abayobozi ba politiki 2 ba FDLR, bakoresha inyandiko z’inzira (passeport) z’igihugu cy’u Bubiligi ubu bari i Rutchuru, muri Kivu y’amajyaruguru. Kugira ngo babonane n’ubuyobozi bukuru bw’ingabo za FDLR ngo babusabe gusubukura imikoranire n’ingabo za Congo (FARDC). Kandi ngo abo bayobozi ba politiki 2 ba FDLR ngo bahaye umwe mu bakuru b’ingabo za FDLR amadorali y’Amerika agera ku bihumbi 100 (100.000 $).

Ibi bivugwa n’ushinzwe itangazamakuru mu biro bya Perezida Kagame, byaba ari byo cyangwa atari byo biragaragaza ko u Rwanda nyuma yo gutungwa agatoki na Congo ndetse na ONU mu gufasha M23, Leta y’u Rwanda nayo irimo irashakisha nayo ibirego yarega Leta ya Congo bityo ibyo u Rwanda ruregwa bigabanuke umurego amahanga agerageze kumvikanisha ibihugu byombi amakosa adashyizwe ku Rwanda rwonyine.

Ikindi kibazwa n’uko gushaka kugaragaza ubufatanye bwa Leta ya Congo na FDLR bishobora kuba ari uburyo bwo gushaka urwitwazo rw’uko ingabo z’u Rwanda zajya ku butaka bwa Congo ku mugaragaro mu rwego rwo guhiga FDLR.

Tubitege amaso.

Marc Matabaro
Rwiza News

Rwanda-Congo: Gen Kabarebe na Lt. Gen. Kayonga bagiye muri Congo mu biganiro

Inkuru dukesha urubuga Umuseke aravuga ko ahagana saa tanu z’amanywa kuri uyu wa kane tariki 28 Kamena 2012 nibwo Ministre w’Ingabo w’u Rwanda Gen James Kabarebe n’umugaba w’ingabo z’u Rwanda Lt. Gen. Charles Kayonga bambutse umupaka wa Grande Barrière i Rubavu bagana i Goma mu biganiro na bagenzi babo ba DRCongo mu gushaka umuti ku kibazo cy’imirwano hagati y’ingabo za Congo n’umutwe wa M23 wigometse.

Rwanda-Congo: Gen Kabarebe na Lt. Gen. Kayonga bagiye muri Congo mu biganiro Lt-Gen-Kayonga-na-Gen-Kabarebe-berekeje-i-Goma

Lt Gen Kayonga na Gen Kabarebe berekeje i Goma

Iyo nkuru ikomeza ivuga ko amakuru agera k’ aremeza ko kuri uyu wa kane muri IHUSI Hotel hafi y’umupaka w’ u Rwanda na Congo aba bayobozi b’Ingabo z’u Rwanda bari buhahurire n’abahagarariye Ingabo za Congo (FARDC) baza kuba bayobowe na Gen Gabriel Amisi Kumba bita “Tango Fort” uyobora ingabo zirwanira ku butaka muri Congo.

Ngo muri ibi biganiro haraba kandi hari abakuru b’ingabo z’umuryango w’abibumbye za MONUSCO bari muri kariya karere ngo barinde amahoro n’ubwo ubu ntayahari, dore ko abacongomani bagera ku 13 000 bamaze guhungira mu Rwanda.

Umuvugizi w’Ingabo z’u Rwanda Brig. Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita we yatangaje ko uru rugendo rw’abakuru b’ingabo z’u Rwanda rugaragaza ubushake u Rwanda rufite mu gushakira umuti w’ikibazo kiri hariya.

Aba basirikare bakuru bagiye muri Congo nyuma y’uko Ministre w’Ububanyi n’amahanga Louise Mushikiwabo nawe ahaheruka mu minsi ishize kuvugana na mugenzi we ku muti wabonerwa ikibazo cy’ingabo za M23 zigometse kuri Leta ya Kinshasa.

Mu biganiro bari kugirana aba bayobozi b’Ingabo ku mpande zombi ndetse na MONUSCO, baravuga ku mitwe ya M23, FDLR iteza umutekano mucye hariya ndetse banarebere hamwe ku bivugwa ko u Rwanda rutera inkunga umutwe wa M23.

Ibi bibaye nyuma y’uko ku munsi w’ejo (tariki 27/06) Umuryango w’abibumbye wasohoye raporo yakozwe n’impuguke zawo Joint Verification Team (JVT), ivuga ko u Rwanda rufasha abigometse ku ngabo za Congo, iyi Raporo Ministre Mushikiwabo akaba yaravuze ko nta shingiro ifite kuko nta bimenyetso bifatika bitangwa n’abavuga ko u Rwanda rufasha abo barwanyi ba M23.

Leta ya Kinshasa yari yandikiye Umuryango w’abibumbye iwubwira ko bimwe mu bihugu bituranyi bifite uruhare mu bibera muri Congo, Ministre Mushikiwabo we, i New York mu kiganiro aherutse guha abanyamakuru yagaye Leta ya Kinshasa gushakira umuti w’ikibazo cyayo mu gushinja abaturanyi bayo ibarega ku Muryango w’abibumbye, aho kwicarana nabo ngo babe babafasha kugikemura nk’abaturanyi.

Source: Umuseke


RWANDA: SUPREME COURT FRESH SUMMON MAY STAY PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THE POLITICAL PRISONER VICTOIRE INGABIRE. unfair-justiceThe Rwanda Supreme Court has summoned Madame Victoire Ingabire for 19 July 2012 to re-open, on demand of the defendant, proceedings on the constitutionality of contentious genocide ideology and divisionism laws. According to Rwandan laws, such a move stays proceedings in lower judicial institutions. Meanwhile the High Court has not yet notified the defendant of any measure to postpone its verdict due tomorrow on 29 June 2012. Stayed or not, neither the political prisoner, nor any of her lawyers will seat in the courtroom for the kangaroo verdict because she has withdrawn from the proceedings in the High Court since 16 April 2012 after a scandalous intimidation of a key defense witness.The ORGANIC LAW N° 01/2004 ESTABLISHING THE ORGANISATION, FUNCTIONING AND JURISDICTION OF THE SUPREME COURT (O.G Nr. 3 of 01/02/2004) in its article 97, § 2&3 stipulates that: “Reference of a constitutional issue to the Supreme Court for a ruling stays all court procedures and the running of the time set for instituting cases and prescription until the decision of the Supreme Court is communicated to the lower subordinate court seized with the main case.

However, a subordinate court seized with a case is not obliged to stay proceedings and wait for the ruling of the Supreme Court on the constitutional issue if it is of the opinion that the case is inadmissible on grounds unrelated to the constitutional issue or the judge hearing the case is of the opinion that the decision of the Supreme Court will not in any event affect the outcome of the main case. The decision not to stay proceedings may only be appealed against simultaneously with an appeal against judgment in respect of the main case”.

A prison sentence against the political leader Victoire Ingabire will have serious consequences in Rwanda and the region. Silencing democratic voices with little or no international reaction is a consecration of the rule with an iron fist by “strong men” in Africa, and a slap in the face of the free world and the international civil and political rights.

Rwanda is at a cross roads. We keep in mind the report on direct military backing of armed groups and war criminals in the Eastern DRC by the Rwandan government as overwhelmingly substantiated by the findings by the United Nations experts monitoring violations of the Congo sanctions regime. We express our solidarity to the Congolese innocent citizens and call upon the government of Rwanda to take every step to clear this scandal before vying a spot in the security council for 2013. All military leaders pinned by this report should take accountability for their actions.

We call upon all members and friends of FDU-INKINGI to remain calm and peaceful.


Boniface Twagirimana

Interim Vice President


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