Terror and Persecution Continue in Rwanda

The Rwandan Dream Initiative
L’Initiative du Rêve rwandais
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Terror and Persecution Continue in Rwanda

Quebec, April 30th, 2012-Ten leaders and partisans of Parti socialiste (PS-Imberakuri) were arrested on April 29th, 2012 in Kigali and are currently detained at Nyamirambo Police station. They are being charged with the now overplayed and trivialized crimes of «endangering state security and inciting public disobedience». Reliable sources indicate that other leaders, including the Vice-President of the party, Alexis Bakunzibake, are in the hiding due to police manhunt.

The PS-Imberakuri leaders and well-wishers gathered on Sunday in a family ambiance in moral support to the mother of the party’s founder President Bernard Ntaganda. The latter is serving a four-year prison term, which had been confirmed by the Rwandan Supreme Court earlier on April 27th, 2012.

The Rwandan Dream Initiative [RDI-Rwanda Rwiza] denounces the Kigali authoritarian regime that continues to use terror and persecution in a bid to silence the opposition. The Sunday’s arrest and the continuing manhunt are another proof that President Paul Kagame’s Government has no respect for universal freedoms and would even pretext any reason to violate people’s privacy.
RDI-Rwanda Rwiza joins other opposition forces, Rwandan citizens as well as the International Community, to voice outrage over arbitrary arrests and sentences against political critics in Rwanda. With recent life incarceration verdict against PDP’s Deo Mushayidi and FDU’s Victoire Ingabire, the World needs no other demonstration that there is no political space in General Kagame’s country.

RDI-Rwanda Rwiza leadership seizes this opportunity to reassert its commitment to peaceful change and call the Rwandan Government for dialogue with the opposition, yet the liberation of all political prisoners must be conditional to that move.

Contact : Ismaïl Mbonigaba
Phone : 1-418-655 4970



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