Dr Théogène RUDASINGWA yahaye ubuhamya umucamanza TREVIDIC

Dr Théogène RUDASINGWA yahaye ubuhamya umucamanza TREVIDIC 577429_336076749786567_100001527334406_847265_527293998_nKuri uyu wa gatanu tariki ya 20 Mata 2012, Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa yahaye ubuhamya umucamanza Trévidic i Paris mu Bufaransa mu gihe kirenze amasaha 6. Muri ubwo buhamya yavuze ibyo azi ku iraswa tariki ya 6 Mata 1994 ry’indege ry’indege yari itwaye Perezida HABYALIMANA n’abo bari kumwe aribo: Perezida Cyprien NTARYAMIRA w’u BURUNDI, Gen Major Déogratias NSABIMANA, Col Elie SAGATWA, Major Thaddée BAGARAGAZA, Ambassadeur Juvénal RENZAHO, Dr Emmanuel AKINGENEYE, Minstre Bernard CIZA, Ministre Cyriaque SIMBIZI, abaderevu b’indege b’abafaransa Jacky HERAUD, Jean Pierre MINABERRY na Jean Michel PERRINE .

Nk’uko Dr Rudasingwa yabitangarije Radio Itahuka ijwi ry’Ihuriro Nyarwanda RNC, yavuze ko ubuhamya yatanze bukubiyemo ibyo yari yaratangaje mbere (bikubiye mu nyandiko muza gusanga hasi mu cyongereza) ariko avuga ko hari n’ibindi yongeyeho atari yarigeze atangaza mbere.

Dr Rudasingwa kandi yamenyesheje Umucamanza Trévidic ko hari abandi batangabuhamya benshi nabo bifuza gutanga amakuru y’ibyo bazi ku iraswa ry’indege yari itwaye Perezida Habyalimana ariko bisaba ko hagomba kubanza kwigwa uburyo umutekano w’abo batangabuhamya wabungabungwa kuko bigaragara ko Leta ya Perezida Kagame ishobora gukoresha ingufu zose zishoboka ngo ibabuze gutanga ubwo buhamya.

Dr Rudasingwa yatangaje ko ari igikorwa cyiza gufatanya n’ubucamanza bw’u Bufaransa kugira ngo ukuri kujye ahagaragara. Ariko ntabwo yashoboye gutangaza ibikubiye muri ubwo buhamya byose kuko iperereza rigikomeza, gutangaza ubu buhamya bishobora kubangamira iperereza, ntabwo kandi yashoboye gutanga amakuru y’ibizakurikira iki gikorwa cy’ubucamanza, ariko yavuze ko yiteguye gutanga ubuhamya bwe mu rukiko igihe cyose urukiko ruzaba rubimusabye.

Marc Matabaro
Rwiza News

Confession of Dr Theogene Rudasingwa

On August 4, 1993, in Arusha, Tanzania, the Government of Rwanda and the Rwandese Patriotic Front signed the Arusha Peace Agreement. The provisions of the agreement included a commitment to principles of the rule of law, democracy, national unity, pluralism, the respect of fundamental freedoms and the rights of the individual. The agreement further had provisions on power-sharing, formation of one and single National Army and a new National Gendarmerie from forces of the two warring parties; and a definitive solution to the problem of Rwandan refugees.

On April 6, 1994, at 8:25 p.m., the Falcon 50 jet of the President of the Republic of Rwanda, registration number “9XR-NN”, on its return from a summit meeting in DAR-ES-SALAAM,Tanzania, as it was on approach to Kanombe International Airport in KIGALI, Rwanda, was shot down. All on board, including President Juvenal Habyarimana , President Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi, their entire entourage and flight crew died.

The death of President Juvenal Habyarimana triggered the start of genocide that targeted Tutsi and Hutu moderates, and the resumption of civil war between RPF and the Government of Rwanda. The RPF’s sad and false narrative from that time on has been that Hutu extremists within President Habyarimana’s camp shot down the plane to derail the implementation of the Arusha Peace Agreement, and to find a pretext to start the genocide in which over 800,000 Rwandans died in just 100 days. This narrative has become a predominant one in some international circles, among scholars, and in some human rights organizations.

The truth must now be told. Paul Kagame, then overall commander of the Rwandese Patriotic Army, the armed wing of the Rwandese Patriotic Front, was personally responsible for the shooting down of the plane. In July, 1994, Paul Kagame himself, with characteristic callousness and much glee, told me that he was responsible for shooting down the plane. Despite public denials, the fact of Kagame’s culpability in this crime is also a public “secret” within RPF and RDF circles. Like many others in the RPF leadership, I enthusiastically sold this deceptive story line, especially to foreigners who by and large came to believe it, even when I knew that Kagame was the culprit in this crime.

The political and social atmosphere during the period from the signing of the Arusha Accords in August 1993 was highly explosive, and the nation was on edge. By killing President Habyarimana, Paul Kagame introduced a wild card in an already fragile ceasefire and dangerous situation. This created a powerful trigger, escalating to a tipping point towards resumption of the civil war, genocide, and the region-wide destabilization that has devastated the Great Lakes region since then.

Paul Kagame has to be immediately brought to account for this crime and its consequences. First, there is absolutely nothing honorable or heroic in reaching an agreement for peace with a partner, and then stabbing him in the back. Kagame and Habyarimana did not meet on the battlefield on April 6, 1994. If they had, and one of them or both had died, it would have been tragic, but understandable, as a product of the logic of war. President Habyarimana was returning from a peace summit, and by killing him, Kagame demonstrated the highest form of treachery. Second, Kagame, a Tutsi himself, callously gambled away the lives of innocent Tutsi and moderate Hutu who perished in the genocide. While the killing of President Habyarimana, a Hutu, was not a direct cause of the genocide, it provided a powerful motivation and trigger to those who organized, mobilized and executed the genocide against Tutsi and Hutu moderates. Third, by killing President Habyarimana, Kagame permanently derailed the already fragile Arusha peace process in a dangerous pursuit of absolute power in Rwanda. Kagame feared the letter and spirit of the Arusha Peace Agreement. As the subsequent turn of events has now shown, Kagame does not believe in the unity of Rwandans, democracy, respect of human rights and other fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, power sharing, integrated and accountable security institutions with a national character, and resolving the problem of refugees once and for all. This is what the Arusha Peace Agreement was all about. That is what is lacking in Rwanda today. Last, but not least, Kagame’s and RPF’s false narrative, denials, and deceptions have led to partial justice in Rwanda and at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, thereby undermining prospects for justice for all Rwandan people, reconciliation and healing. The international community has, knowingly or unknowingly, become an accomplice in Kagame’s systematic and shameful game of deception.

I was never party to the conspiracy to commit this heinous crime. In fact, I first heard about it on BBC around 1:00 am on April 7, 1994, while I was in Kampala where I had been attending the Pan African Movement conference.

I believe the majority of members of RPF and RPA civilians and combatants, like me, were not party to this murderous conspiracy that was hatched and organized by Paul Kagame and executed on his orders. Nevertheless, I was a Secretary General of the RPF, and a Major in the rebel army, RPA. It is in this regard, within the context of collective responsibility, and a spirit of truth-telling in search of forgiveness and healing, that I would like to say I am deeply sorry about this loss of life, and to ask for forgiveness from the families of Juvenal Habyarimana, Cyprien Ntaryamira, Deogratias Nsabimana, Elie Sagatwa, Thaddee Bagaragaza, Emmanuel Akingeneye, Bernard Ciza, Cyriaque Simbizi, Jacky Heraud, Jean-Pierre Minaberry, and Jean-Michel Perrine. I also ask for forgiveness from all Rwandan people, in the hope that we must unanimously and categorically reject murder, treachery, lies and conspiracy as political weapons, eradicate impunity once and for all, and work together to build a culture of truth-telling, forgiveness, healing, and the rule of law. I ask for forgiveness from the people of Burundi and France whose leaders and citizens were killed in this crime. Above all, I ask for forgiveness from God for having lied and concealed evil for too long.

In freely telling the truth before God and the Rwandan people, I fully understand the risk I have undertaken, given Paul Kagame’s legendary vindictiveness and unquenchable thirst for spilling the blood of Rwandans. It is a shared risk that Rwandans bear daily in their quest for freedom and justice for all. Neither power and fame, nor gold and silver, are the motivation for me in these matters of death that have defined our nation for too long. Truth cannot wait for tomorrow, because the Rwandan nation is very sick and divided, and cannot rebuild and heal on lies. All Rwandans urgently need truth today. Our individual and collective search for truth will set us free. When we are free, we can freely forgive each other and begin to live fully and heal at last.

Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa

Former: RPF Secretary General, Ambassador of Rwanda to the United States, and Chief of Staff for President Paul Kagame.

E-mail: ngombwa@gmail.com;

Washington, DC. October 1, 2011


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  1. Monsieur dit :

    iyo nsomye comments zanyu ku mbuga zose zibaho amakuru ya politique y’u Rwanda,bituma nongera kugira ubwoba!kubera ko,iyo uzisomye ubonamo cyane ubuhutu n’ubututsi gusaaaaaaaaaaa,nta bunyarwanda na mba!None se bavandimwe,ko namenye ubwenge nzi ko abahutu aribo bagira inda nini,none nkaaba mbonaabatutsi ku mbuga zose baba bemeza ko umututsi wese ushinja Nyakubahwa Paul Kagame aba yarasumbwe n’inda kubera amafaranga y’abazungu,ndetse n’iyo yaba avuga ukuri pe!Mwe mundusha kumenya Dr RUDASINGWA,yaba ari umututsi uvangiye niburaaa,cg yaba yarihutuje?Shahu nimureke twiyubakire igihugu,abana bacu bige,bareke kwicwa no kuvutswa uburenganzira bwabo,hanyuma FPR muyireke kuko nta na rimwe ukuri kujya gutsindwa!None se hari ikitazwi koko,byose ntibyabaye tureba?Interahamwe zamariye bene wacu mu misarane no muri Nyabarongo tutareba?Byarazikurikiranye,na n’ubu biracyazikurikirana,et meme leurs familles en ont soufert et en soufrent encore!Kibeho se ibyahabereye ntimubizi?Ba ba senyeri ba Eglise Catholiques bahora bavugwa bariyishe?Abari bari Tingi Tingi se,Obilo,Kisese,Biaro,za Tebero n’ahandi ntimubizi?None se mwa bantu mwe niba mushyira mu gaciro,mubona bizacira aho buriya?Muhumure igihe kizagera,sinzi aho umuyaga uzaturuka ariko byanze bikunze ababikoze bazahanwa!Ntimugaterane amagambo,ngo mwicare mujye muvugira ku batutsi(Imana ibahe amahoro n’imigisha n’iruhuko ridashira)bishwe urw’agashinyaguro ngo mu gihe cyo kwibuka usanye abahutu bashinyitse amenyo babirwanya,oya,njye nzi neza ko umu nyarwanda wese,yaba uwiciwe mu Rwanda cg hanze ya Rwo,igihe kizagera yibukwe,n’uwakoze icyaha cyo kwica wese ahanwe hatagendewe ku bwoko bwe!Murakoze nshuti bene wacu!

  2. kgb dit :

    Yewe MUSHONGANONO we nimureke imbwa irigate amabyi, ibinyoma by’uriya musega bizamushibukana, dore aho nibereye. Reka arye amafaranga ya rutuku arayaruka aho bukera. Se buriya umunsi bamubajije ibi bibazo byonyine yabisubiza ate: Tuvuge ko ari Kagame uhanuye indege, intagonrwa z’abahutu zitashakaga amahoro ya Arusha ntaho zihuriye n’iryo hanurwa ry’indege.

    KUKI? ndongeye nti KUKI?

    Umukuru w’igihugu cyabo bakunda, na Perezida w’u Burundi n’abandi bayobozi indege irabahanuye barapfuye. Aho guhita hatangira icyunamo cy’umukuru w’igihugu, bagatoragura n’ibisigazwa, bagategura aho kubunamira no gukorera ikiriyo, bahise batangira nta n’iseconde ihise indege iguye, kwica abatutsi. Koko ibyo wabisobanura ute!! Boite noire ihise ibura!!!! Umuzungu wari utuye hafi aho avuze ko isasu rivuye muri camp Kanombe.yarabivuze rwose!!! Koko inkotanyi zagira amayeri angana ate zacengera gute ngo zihite zigera muri camp Kanombe, nizimara kurasa, zijye gutoragura boite noire iruhande rw’abapfuye, zisubirire muri CND, zinyure kuri za barriere zose ntawuzikomye imbere. Niba ari zo se kuki intagonrwa n’interehamwe zitihanganye ngo zibanze nibura zigeze umurambo wa Kinani mu rugo, niba bitari bipanzwe kO KURASA KINANI bizoroha gutanga ton yo kwica abatutsi. RUDASINGWA nampa ibyo bisubizo nzahita mufasha gushinja KAGAME.

    Ariko uyu mutype ntazi abazungu. Inda nini we!!!Ese yibwira ko bariya bacamanza batabanje gukora analyse y’ibyo byose mvuze haruguru. Niyo Inkotanyi zaba zifite ubwenge buruse ubw’imana, uvuye ku Giporoso na camionette yuzuye urubunda, utambutse barriere zose, za 19, za Masaka, uranyura mu nterahamwe, mu ba GP , mu Bafaransa, Minuar, urazamutse, ushinze ikibunda muri Camp Kanombe, urarashe, ukurikiye aho indege yaguye, ufashe boite noire kuyihisha iruhande rw’imirambo, wisubiriye muri CND.
    Aho kunamira umukuru w’igihugu no gushakisha uhanuye indege, utangiye kwica abatutsi. Di!!!!!RUDASINGWA nyakunyagwa aho wahasobanurira abanyarwanda uretse ubwescroc n’ubusambo!!!!Puuu!!!Waravumwe, tegereza umwana w’umuzungu uzabimusobanurira, nibikunanira azakurutsa ayo manyagwa y’amafaranga. Dore aho nibereye.

  3. Mushonganono dit :

    Yooooo, abahutu weeeee! Muri abantu beza peeeeee!
    Mwasetse rero ibitwenge bigeze mu gutwi, muri kwicinya icyra mu cyoyo ngo Rudasingwa yatanze ubuhamya? Muragowe ahubwo…!
    Mbese ubundi mwabwiwe n´iki ko yabutanze koko, n´icyo yavuze ko nta wari uhari? Si we ubwe ubyiyandikira akanabyivugira kuri radiyo ye? n´ubwo kandi yaba yarabutanze koko, mwabwirwa n´iki ko ubwo buhamya bwe bubafitiye akamaro?

    Mbese none yaba yarabwiye abo bazungu ko kagome yateguye umugambi mubisha wo kwica Kinani yamara kuwunoza akawuha abahutu b´intagondwa n´inda nini bakawushyira mu bikorwa? Ubwo koko mwakwirwa he noneho ko abazungu bahita babamarira mu kagozi batiriwe bashishoza?

    Mbese ubundi uwo kagome hari uwigeze amubona ashinze ivi i Masaka arasa missiles? Cyangwa Rudasingwa abifitiye ibimenyetso, yaramubonye kuko bari kumwe abikora? Mbese ubundi abo bahanuye indege ya Habyara ko numva ngo bari bafite camionnette, ibyo bitoyi bya missilles babisigiye iki i Masaka? Bashakaka kwifatisha cyangwa bayobyaga amarari? Rudasingwa agomba kuba abizi. Ahaaaaa politik iragatsindwa!!!!

    Rudasingwa nawe rero, mwana wa mama, ntugire ngo abazungu ni ibijuju. Ngo nta cubu cubusa! Nyabu, ayo mahera yabo bari kuguha ubu, hazagera igihe uzayaryora. Uzabaze Savimbi, Mobutu na Kinani…..kagome we yariye make? Ubanza nawe igihe cye kigeze cyo kuyaruka.Kandi nyamara amenshi mwarayasangiye, none utanze pilato kwikarabira ibiganza….Nyamara ngo iminsi y´igisambo ni 40. Ruriye abandi rutakwibagiwe.
    Niba uru umugabo mwiza koko wiyubaha ukubaha n´abandi nk´uko bamwe babivuga, ukaba ukunda ukuri, ushakira abanyarwanda bose amahoro, itandukanye n´abicanyi bose aho bava bakagera, barimo Nyamwasa, Karegeya na Gahima mukuru wawe wamariye abantu benshi b´inzirakakrengane mu magereza, maze upfukame usabe abanyarwanda mwahekuye imbabazi. Maybe bazakugirira ikigongwe.

    Mbese ko ntari numva uvuga ko urwanya politiki mbisha ya RPF? Ibyago n´ibibi byose byugarije abanyarwanda bikorwa na kagome gusa?

    Ahaaa… Nzabandora ni umwana w´umunyarwanda.
    Sinarangiza ndashimiye Gerry: Thanks dear! fo a very good comment and very deep question. YOU ARE A MAN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nizeye ko Rudasingwa azagusubiza.

  4. Zu dit :

    Uyu muntu wiyise Cyusa afite ndwara ki!
    Kuvuga ukuri ni ugusenya u Rwanda! Ese Kagame asigaye anagana n’u Rwanda rwose (Kagame=Rwanda)! Kuko abavuga ibibi yakoze bashinjwa ko banga u Rwanda!
    Oya, kurya yirirwa ahiga abishe abatutsi, n’abishe abahutu bagomba guhigwa kandi bagahanwa!

    Gira amahoro!

  5. Gerry dit :

    Dear Mr Rudasingwa
    I have read your statement and followed your intervention during RNC-FDU meeting back in March. The candour in both is for everyone to see but I’m still quite disturbed about your intentions, but also the consequences your attitude might bring to our country if not handled with care. Exposing Kagame’s misdeeds is absolutely right and is a laudable exploit. But remember Kagame is just one inadequate individual, limited in time and space. Your obsession against his person rather that the whole system betrays your resolve to cover up yet more information, which won’t solve our problems even if you manage to bring him down. Rwanda’s problems didn’t start with him and won’t stop with his fall unless leaders like you decide to dig deep below the surface and honestly eradicate the ethnic disease that has plagued our society for decades.
    We are hungry about the truth concerning the causes of all misery that has befallen our country for many years, and nobody better than you can lighten us on the matter. However, I can’t quite get around a few crucial questions about what you are trying to achieve; whether this is the whole truth and what will be your next move after bringing down the Kagame regime.
    You seem too eager to please Hutus at any cost, including genocide perpetrators by rendering Kagame the alfa and omega of all Rwanda’s sufferings, but do you realise they are not in hurry to return the favour? All those Hutus during your RNC-FDU meeting were applauding you but none of them had the same ‘courage’ to denounce, let alone apologise on behalf of fellow Hutus for the torments they piled up on Tutsis since the fifties. How could you not notice!? What do you predict will be their attitude once Kagame is out of the way? The only answer I find to this is you are either suffering from the ‘Rubanda Nyamucye complex’ or you are kidding yourself that you will manage once again to outsmart Hutus, the way you did with the likes of Kanyarengwe and Bizimungu.
    You apologise for selling, for 18 years, a lie about a crime that cost around 1 million lives, and you expect people to just say thank you and move on, although you do not seem keen to tell the whole truth? That’s called perverting the course of justice Mr Rudasingwa, because in order to conceal the secret, you fabricated false evidence and intentionally laid the blame on innocent people. Kagame told you he ordered the shooting down of the plane, yes, but is that all? In your role as a close adviser, what were your discussions about the fate of Tutsis and moderate Hutus inside Rwanda, the same people you tricked into supporting your movement, financially but also by sending thousands of their children to the front? What was your role as RPF Executive Secretary in the draft of the « Declaration of the Political Bureau of the Rwandan Patriotic Front on the planned deployment of a force of UN intervention in Rwanda », submitted to the UN Security Council on April 30, 1994? In this declaration, for those who don’t know, the RPF unconditionally opposed any kind of UN military intervention allegedly because there were no more Tutsis left to rescue in Rwanda. Do you know how many of our families perished in May, June and early July, just because not only you refused them the help they needed, but also thwarted plans of those who were willing to come to their rescue? Do you realise we know you were at the centre of all that perfidy?
    It’s strange that you apologise to everyone from Habyarimana’s family to Burundian and French pilots’ families, but omit the very victims of your misdemeanours! It’s disturbing to think that you might have wilfully chosen this omission to please Hutu extremists, ignoring the fact that yourself and your family were once victims of this scourge of extremism. How can you sleep at night Mr Rudasingwa? You betrayed everyone on your path, from fellow Tutsis and moderate Hutus who were massacred in Rwanda, through former Tutsi refugees, to the RPF you helped capture and hold onto power through crime and treachery. If needed, will you hesitate to deceive those same fellow politicians you’re tricking into believing you’re a reformed man?
    I had long discussions with many Rwandans on this issue, Hutus and Tutsis alike. We came to the same conclusion that as long as your coalition is just trying to brush under the carpet the problem of ethnicities by blaming all evil on Kagame, we are heading towards the same dreadful results as achieved by MRND or RPF. If you are a man of dialogue, I openly challenge you to respond to our worries, and there will be many of us to join your fight against tyranny in our Rwanda.

  6. cyusa dit :

    birababaje cyane kubona ko hari abantu runaka bifuza ko aho u rwanda rwari ruri mu w’1994 ruhasubira cyangwa se ruhasubizwa, mwo kabyara mwe mwaretse igihugu kikubakwa kandi abanyarwanda twese tukabana amahoro? birababaje kubona hari abari gutukana kandi bagasenyeye umugozi umwe. ariko noneho Biteye agahinda kubona umuntu Nka RUDASNGWA warwaniye amahoro mu gihugu ndetse no kubohora abanyarwanda ariwe ufashe iyambere mu gushaka gusenya igihugu akaenshi njye mbona ari guterwa n’ishyari, niko ibyo bintu ari gutangaza nyuma y’imyaka 18, nibwo akibimenya cyangwa ahubwo n’ibyaha mpimbano ashaka gutwerera abantu, birababaje cyane rwose kubona intera agezeho ashakira ikibi u rwanda. birakwiye ko atuza kandi akicuza kubyo yifuriza u rwanda. ibi byaha rero ntago aribyo ahubwo ni uburyo ki mbona ashaka kwikuraho ibyo we yaba ari kuregwa uwabishobora wese yari akwiye kuza kugira inama uno mugabo kuko arishakira ibibazo igihugu cyari kimaze kugera aho kigeza.

  7. kalihungu dit :

    Yewe njyewe nsetswa nibigoryi nkibi byirirwa bicuruza ubusa ngo birashyaka gusubiza abanyarwanda aho bavuye! baribeshya kuko ntibazatsinda. Rudasingwa wowe uri ikigoryi kabisa, kuko ibyo uvuga ubu utarabivuze kare njyewe nta gaciro nabiha ni amaco y’inda nini iranga wowe n’abandi mufatanyije! Reka kwirirwa ubeshya abanyarwanda twarakumenye ushatse wareka kubeshya kuko icyo ushaka ni ukuzuza igifu cyawe!Icyo abanyarwanda dushaka ni amahoro abana bacu bakiga neza bagategura ejo hazaza habo aho kumva amateshwa nkayo wirirwa ubeshya. Ariko urabeshya iminsi izakugaragaza kuko ubeshya kurusha inzozi kabisa.Ndakwingingira kwihana ukareka kubeshya kuko aba bazungu nibakuvumbura ibinyoma byawe uzaba ugushishe ishano. Nakugiraga inama ariko ibyo wirirwa ubeshya ntuzampeho kandi ntaho byamfata kuko aho twavuye niho habi.

  8. Zu dit :

    Ariko INTORE zarozwe na nde koko!
    Dore nk’iyi yiyise Peter! Ariko ni iki cyagiye mu mitwe yanyu! Ubwo mumva muzahora munywa amaraso y’abantu kugeza ryari; ariko reka tuve mu kuvuga tujye mu bikorwa! Icyo naguhamiriza ni uko NTAGAHORA GAHANZE!

    Gira amahoro!

  9. peter dit :

    Malayika we imana yarabavumye, nimukomeze muzerere iyo mu mahanga,mutungwe no gutukuna, twe turiko turasonga mbere mu rwa Gasabo. Burya si buno sha. Mukomeze mukoreshe icyo gisambo wanyu wenda mwazagira imana mukagira icyo mukivanamo. Ibigambo se nibyo muzatuzana imbere ngo tubajye inyuma. Ibya rubanda nyamwinshi byo byararangiye, ubu se ni nde uzabajya inyuma. Inkunga se mutugezaho z’abo ba rutuku banyu!! Muzaza muraritse urutwe gusa na Rudasingwa wanyu urimo kwishakira amaramuko maze tubajye inyuma!!!!Alalalala!!!Umwana w’umunyarwanda yarababaye bihagije sha!!!Icyokora nunyishyurira mutuelle, ukangezaho Girinka, amashanyarazi, n’ibindi byinshi Umusaza wacu PAHULO arimo kutugezaho nzagushakira abayoboke. POLE SANA.

  10. Gasha Paul dit :

    Dear Dr Rudasingwa,

    I have just read your declaration about the shooting down of the President Juvenal Habyarimana’s jet and the whole story that goes with this murder.

    I appreciate your courage and sincerity, the search of the truth, justice and reconciliation. I like the way you explain with details the sad event that was carried out to make Rwandans orphans and the whole region today in total desolation due to one brutal man. You deserve respect for loving of humanity and human dignity. Yes, Rwandans need to disclose so as to liberate themselves from all evils. I strongly encourage whoever can go forward to tell us what he/s would know about all satanic acts that shoke our beloved nation, Rwanda, and others such as the DRC, etc.

    Many thanks for all.

    Dr Paul Gasha

    Sociology & Anhropology of the Conflict

    Focus area: Conflict Transformation & Reconciliation

  11. Malayika dit :

    Yewe byawongo we… Ndagusetse cyane.
    1.Iyo utuka umuntu utagusubiza uba wituka.Ariko ibyo sinabikurenganyaho kuko umwera uturutse i bukuru bucya wakwiriye hose.
    2.Ko mbona wihaye kuba speciliste wa ba escros ngo ntubona aho avana amafaranga yo kwiruka amahanga, wazadushakiye aho uwo Rudasumbwa wawe avana amafaranga 100000000 us$ yo kugura ziriya ndege 2 nawe uzi.
    3. Ngo umuntu Imana yamukubise intorezo imuziza kubeshya kwe.
    Imana ntugakine nayo ntabwo uyizi.Imana ntabwo ari umwicanyi nkawe cyangwa shobuja uwo Rudasumbwa.Iyo Imana iba nk’uko ushaka kuyituka Ngirango yari guhera kuri shobuja uwo kuko nature n’ubu escro no kubeshya.
    5.Ko uvuga ngo abantu barabwejagura, urabwejagurira iki niba ntacyo bizatwara uwo rudasumbwa wawe?
    6.Ubwire Rudasu MBWA uti:Ngyawe Byawongo nguhaye igikombe cy’ubu escro, malhonete, menteur, tueur, dictateur n’ibindi n’ibndi nkuko nawe ufite ibyo bikombe, dore ko ko ubifitiye specialité.


  12. byakweli dit :

    Yewe, Rudasingwa reka arye abazungu amafaranga kahave!!!!Mwe ntimumuzi mramubarirwa!! Utinye umuntu wafungiranye umujyanama we muri Ambassade muri Container. Kubeshyera KAGAME akarya abazungu amafaranga kuri we ni umukino. Se ko adakora, amafaranga arimo kwirukansa amahanga arayavana he la? Kuki se ubwo buhamya atabutanze ari Ambassaderi muri Amerika. Imbwa ziba nyinshi!!!!! Bizamnutwariki Rudasumbwa se ko yarangije kwandika amateka meza. Ibyo mutamugerekaho se n’ibiki byafashe ki!!!Kuva 1994, mumutuka, mumugerakaho ibyahe nahe, RUDASUMBWA niko abatsinda ibitego nkanswe noneho ibizanywe n’umwescroc!!!Ruzibiza we ntiyabwejaguye imana ikamukubita intorezo imuziza kubeshya kwe. N’uyumwescroc Rudasingwa nirwo rumutegereje.Nzaba ndeba ni umwana w’umunyarwanda!!!!!


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