RNC can only work with Hutu parties if Kayumba keeps a low profile and let other politicians who don’t have skeletons in their closets to engage in politics

RNC can only work with Hutu parties if Kayumba keeps a low profile and let other politicians who don’t have skeletons in their closets to engage in politics kayumba-nyamwasa1

Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa

Award-winning Human Rights activist and Hollywood celebrity Paul Rusesabagina’s decision to quit Rwanda National Congress (RNC) has exposed the internal wrangles eating up opposition forces in Diaspora.

Honoured for saving hundreds of Tutsis during the 1994 genocide, Rusesabagina last week threw in a towel, saying “due to my engagements in various Rwandan organizations, I do not have enough time to participate in RNC’s activities.”

He added: “For this reason, I will no longer be a member of the Rwanda National Congress.”

RNC Coordinator Theogene Rudasingwa later confirmed reception of Rusesabagina’s resignation letter and wished the political celebrity good luck.

Following this resignation, Chimpreports.com kicked off an investigation for an inside story.

We have since established that Rusesabagina quit RNC due to internal power struggles.

RNC sources and other members of Rwanda opposition in Diaspora have revealed that Rusesa, as he is commonly known, chose to bid farewell after his plans to rule the party failed to materialize.


Paul Rusesabagina

“Rusesa left RNC because he saw that he could never lead RNC. Instead he saw that RNC could use his name to access the American politicians. We cannot forget that there was the pressure of the Hutu opposition on Rusesa,” a source in United States told our investigations desk.

“What you should know is that Rusesa has many enemies. In the Hutu opposition, he is considered like someone who has exaggerated the facts to present himself as a hero. He presents them as ruthless killers. Yet if there had been no good will of Hutu officers such as Major Genaral Bizimungu, the 1,200 people at a hotel in Rwanda would not have survived genocide,” the source, who preferred anonymity added.

“Rusesa is very popular in Hollywood and elsewhere but I swear that 60% of Rwandans do not even know him. RNC has lost someone who is influential among American politicians, but his departure will slightly affect the party,” the source added.

We also learnt that Hutus in Diaspora have never forgiven Rusesa for his role in the Hotel Rwanda movie which exposed the Hutu brutality during the 1994 genocide.

“Rusesabagina is not the only one who protected the Tutsi in 1994, I can give you some examples: Colonel Francois Munyengango saved thousands of people but nobody talks about him. Emmanuel Bagambiki and Lt Colonel Bavugamenshi saved more than 20,000 people in the Nyarushishi camp in Cyangugu. All these people were ignored, because for the government of Rwanda, the hero must be only Kagame,” the source further noted.

Rusesa’s presence in RNC had as well complicated relations between Tutsi leaders in the party and Hutus in other opposition parties.


Twagiramungu Faustin


It has also emerged that there is a brewing storm between RNC and opposition parties led by Hutus in Diaspora over the date of the Manifestation of Paris.

While Hutus want April 6 as a day to commemorate the life of President Juvenal Habyarimana, RNC and few members of FDU-Inkingi (Victoire Ingabire’s Party) want another date because the day would re-open unhealed wounds among Tutsi survivors.

Habyarimana’s plane was shot on April 6 thus triggering an era of bloodshed in the tiny country.

Thousands of Hutus are expected to grace this occasion in Paris, France in which they will seal a declaration uniting their parties and calling for the removal of Kagame from power.

The new alliance is likely to be led by Faustin Twagiramungu.

While the date for this function is still being contested, some Hutu politicians have vowed never to cooperate with exiled former army chief Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa for his alleged role in the atrocities committed against Hutus after the 1994 genocide.

Shortly after capturing power, some Hutu combatants staged a rebellion in the northern parts of Rwanda which was crushed by forces led by Nyamwasa.

Hundreds of Hutu refugees also perished in the Democratic Republic of Congo camps, atrocities blamed on Nyamwasa.

Therefore, majority of Hutu politicians especially, JMV Ndajijimana and Joseph Matata in Diaspora want Nyamwasa to face the same law as Kagame and Col. Patrick Karegeya.


However, Kagame is celebrating because the antagonism among his rivals is good news for him.

The Hutus’ failure to unite with the Nyamwasas, who command considerable popularity in the army, is a thorn in their feet.

Analysts say RNC can only work with Hutu parties if Kayumba keeps a low profile and let other politicians who don’t have skeletons in their closets to engage in politics.

“I think the issue of fighting even before killing the animal is bad. Rwandan politicians in Diaspora are split along ethnic lines. Not all of them can become President of Rwanda at the same time. They are not willing to accept that. Opposition members’ failure to avoid politics of hate, divisionism and ethnicity continues to play in the hands of Kagame,” a source in United Kingdom told this investigative media outlet.

Source: Giles Muhame, http://www.chimpreports.com



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  1. Vincent Harris dit :

    Commemorating Habyarimana is going to further marginalize the Rwandan opposition, I guarantee you that.


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