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WE ARE NOT NEWSMAKERS; WE JUST REPORT WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE GROUND:McDowell Kalisa  185263_10150417555791040_671031039_10892967_3190941_n-225x300

McDowell Kalisa

Hello Mr Sam Ntayombya, hope you are doing well, I just passed through you opinion, nice you are trying, by the way you said you know me, totaly wrong, if to know somebody is just to meet you three or two times, there you are wrong. Second I was not part of investigators who followed Mr Evode Mudaheranwa and his acomplises, It was SAPO, the Swedish Secret Police. So blame those who were sent to represent Rwandans ( Not a Click of People) to do dirty jobs.

By the way, its not only SAPO, we were not in Nairobi Kenya in 1996 when a Rwandan Diplomat Lt Mugabo Frank was caught with smoking 22 calibre after shooting Mr Seth Sendashonga ex Minister. We were not in Nairobi Kenya when General Jack Nziza was given three days to leave Kenyan soil because of espionage and dirt jobs.

Then we were not in London UK the year 1999 when UK expelled Dr Lt Col Zach Nsenga, after being reported by his wife of abusing her, phyisically and emotinaly. For you information he cant be accepted to represent Rwanda in any EU country..
Again we we are not in Washington, USA 2007, When The US expelled The notorious GACINYA RUGUMYA ( 72 Hours) after cought doing the same dirty things to some Rwandans refugee in States.

Then there is another fool called John Ngarambe who get cought with a married woman in Entebbe Uganda, later the madia in Uganda called him DICKLOMAT instead DIPLOMAT. So please try to talk sense.So blame the so called Rwandan Representatives abroad, my be the dont know why the are sent there. It wasn’t us, I WAS THEM
By the way I dont use to write opinion like you, Always I do investigative stories, I want to read an investigative story from you soon, thats when I’ll allow you to enter the World of Reporters.

LET ME TELL YOU AGAIN. WE ARE NOT NEWSMAKERS; WE JUST REPORT WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE GROUND. Hari umugani mu kinyarwanda uvuga ngo N’ibika zari amagi. Ariko muri iyi minsi hari izibika amasaha ataragera, cyangwa zikabika amasaha yarenze. Reka kubika amasaha yarenze cyangwa ataragera murumuna wanjye.

McDowell Kalisa

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