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I have no affair with Ms Frieberg: Dr Théogène Rudasingwa

I have no affair with Ms Frieberg: Dr Théogène Rudasingwa 1325721684-198x300

Dr Théogène Rudasingwa


I am just writing this note for the sake of Jennifer Frieberg, whom Kagame’s so-called lied about, and my children who read every day lies and insults about me from Kagame’s people.

I have no affair with Ms Frieberg. I have met her only twice: once when she gave me an interview in Washington DC, and the second time when she came to attend an FDU-RNC briefing meeting in Washington DC. I truly admire her courage. I am used to being insulted by Kagame’s regime. I wish Kagame or his henchmen could take me on regarding the substantive issues. They can’t because they are unable. They take it on innocent people like Ms Frieberg whose only crime ( according to Kigali) is to tell the truth about the plight of Rwandans.

As for other foolish and wishful thinking that I have been abandoned by my wife and that I am HIV +ve that should expose how desperate Kagame and company are. They wish me dead. And they back it with actions to kill me and others opposed to the regime. I am not HIV+ve. Even if I was , I would still be proud to speak truth unto corrupt power, and serve the Rwandans who are now voiceless. And my HIV-status is not the reason why Kigali would wish to kill me. In addition, people suffering from HIV/AIDS have not committed any crime. They are like you and me, and they deserve our sympathy, solidarity and collective action to achieve an aids-free society one day.

My message to my children: love and serve your country and all people. Hate all evil and fight lies.

As for my caring and loving wife, whom I love beyond measure, I cannot thank her enough that she has taken the family burden while I attend to the bigger challenge of Rwanda’s crisis. In struggling for the freedom of all Rwandans, our family and other Rwandan families are sacrificing for the future of our children and grandchildren. In 2012 and the following years we shall ask Rwandans to give more now, and delay their gratification, so that they can receive even more in future. I am truly glad and grateful that Dorothy and all my children have understood this sacrifice and support the work I do.

I would like to remind Paul Kagame that he better get used and be fully prepared to a living and active Theogene. And that Theogene is now in good company, not hanging around a criminal for a Head of State. And when the Lord decides that my race is over, my report card will include tearing down the walls of Kagame’s dictatorship, and building new walls and bridges of freedom, love, forgiveness and healing between and among all Rwandans- Hutu, Tutsi and Twa alike. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, is better than serving the Lord, loving my family, and serving all Rwandan people. No lies or insults will ever detach me from these goals that I , no doubt, share with the majority of Rwandans.

We shall win!


RDI RWANDA RWIZA:Call for vigilance as Kigali operatives multiply threats on Rwandan exiles



RDI RWANDA RWIZA:Call for vigilance as Kigali operatives multiply threats on Rwandan exiles 74814_466176217948_566777948_5740301_6300232_n-224x300

Ismail Mbonigaba Commission on Information and Communications

RDI-Release-Nr-02/fev/12: Call for vigilance as Kigali operatives multiply threats on Rwandan exiles

Quebec City, February 13, 2012- The Rwandan Dream Initiative (RDI Rwanda Rwiza) welcomes the decision of Sweden to expel a high ranking Rwandan diplomat due  to his intimidation activities on compatriots, including independent journalists and politicians.
The Swedish government’s gesture comes coincidently when journalist Jean-Bosco Gasasira has abruptly discontinued the publication of his Online Umuvugizi Newspaper since last month. The journalist lives in exile in Sweden and has repeatedly expressed concerns about the Rwandan government’s attempts to assassinate him. The RDI Rwanda Rwiza urges the Swedish government to investigate into the case and ensure the journalist’s safety, as well as that of his staff, so they can continue their profession as communicators.
The RDI Rwanda Rwiza denounces once again the ever increasing threats of the Rwandan government on political opponents and independent journalists living in exile. Since its coming to power in 1994, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) has been deploying assassins throughout the Rwandan embassies who are involved in heinous murders and attempted murders of Rwandans in exile.
Recently, in December 2011, critical journalist Charles Ingabire of Online Intenyeri Newspaper was murdered by Rwandan secret agents in Kampala, Uganda. In May 2011, British police foiled the assassination that targeted  Rwandan opposition in London. For its part, South Africa recalled its ambassador to Kigali in 2010, after evidence that secret operatives had attempted to assassinate General Kayumba Nyamwasa who lives in exile in that country.
The list of exiled politicians and journalists killed by the Rwandan government can not be exhaustive, and names of Theoneste Lizinde, Augustin Bugirimfura and Seth Sendashonga will only remind their assassination in Nairobi, Kenya, by Rwandan commandos disguised as diplomats.
The RDI Rwanda Rwiza urges Rwandan exiles and the governments of host countries to remain alert to the serious threats posed by agents of the Kigali dictatorial regime.

Ismail Mbonigaba

Commission on Information and Communications


Un nouveau site consacré à la vie de Dominique Mbonyumutwa

Un nouveau site consacré à la vie de Dominique Mbonyumutwa DM3

Dominique Mbonyumutwa est un nouveau site consacré à la vie de Dominique Mbonyumutwa, homme politique rwandais qui lutta, avec d’autres leaders de son époque, pour l’émancipation des masses face au joug monarcho-féodal rwandais, une lutte qui abouti à la chute de ce système et à la fondation de la République rwandaise dont il devint le premier président démocratiquement élu, le 28 Janvier 1961.

Ce site est subdivisé en plusieurs parties.

1. Ses origines : retrace sa vie avant le tournant historique de 1959 (origines, éducation, vie professionnelle)

2. Le Rwanda avant 1959 : rappel historique du Rwanda social et politique avant 1959.

3. Le 1er novembre 1959 : retrace les évènement de la Toussaint rwandaise qui conduisirent à la Révolution sociale et politique de 1959.

4. La Révolution de 1959 : retrace les grands moments de la révolution populaire rwandaise qui eut pour conséquence l’abolition du système monarcho-féodal et l’indépendance du pays par rapport à la colonisation belge.

5. Sa vie post-présidentielle : décrit la vie de Dominique Mbonyumutwa après son mandat présidentiel à la tête du Rwanda (28 janvier 1961 – 26 octobre 1961).



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