Opposition Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) President John V Karuranga has spoken out on his political organisation’s plans for his countrymen.


Opposition Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) President John V Karuranga has spoken out on his political organisation's plans for his countrymen. john_karuranga_3-300x265

John V Karuranga


In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports.com editor Giles Muhame, Karuranga says RPP intends to cause democratic change with the view of making Rwanda a “free and democratic country.”

Based in London, Karuranga says RPP aims at giving a voice to the voiceless and reducing the presidential terms to two and from seven years to four and half. He says most Rwandese are disappointed by President Paul Kagame’s government.

 If Rwandans elected you today as their President what would you contribute towards the development of your country? 

 The RPP is a national democratic party that draws support from a cross-section of Rwandan society.

 Many Rwandans feel betrayed by the current regime ruled by President Paul Kagame and want to introduce democratic social change so that they may make Rwanda a free and democratic country.

 The RPP is an internationalist political party that wishes to continue building links and alliances with political and governmental authorities throughout the world.

 As a party, we affirm our position that Rwanda cannot be built on the cracks in the pavement of ethnicity, fear, genocide and wars of yesterday. Those experiences could be used as lessons learned but not as a model for solving the current and future problems of the country.

 Instead, we want to build a Rwanda based on a foundation of belief, motivated and energized by the desire for progress and the pursuit of happiness and self-fulfillment.

 The RPP wants to build a new Rwanda that lives in peace within itself, with its neighbours and with the rest of humanity.

 We want to build a Rwanda that gives legitimacy and hope to the local people as sole stakeholders of the nation but not politicians that come and go. The RPP is committed to give the voice to the voiceless.

 Political Pluralism: The RPP will establish a political system that guarantees the realization of principle democratic values.  The RPP plans to protect these rights and freedoms and to channel these efforts to the building of the institutions of governance in a way that lends its effectiveness and honesty.

 Such a system should guarantee impartiality and freedom in the election process and monitoring of the elected, during their term of tenure, relying upon constitutional basis that controls the conduct of government and guarantees its soundness, and the peaceful transfer of power. 

 The RPP plans to support and encourage a political pluralism that represents the firm foundation for rotation and safe transfer of authority between organised political groups.

 The RPP will encourage political parties based on the needs of the country; thus non secretarial, violent or ethnically based political party.

 Freedom of speech and expression are core elements of the RPP but also protecting the liberty and freedoms of the individuals would be paramount. We aim to build a new civil society that is enshrined on Rwandan patriotism rather that individual’s personalities and ethnic loyalties.

 Presidential terms: We intend to reduce the presidential terms to 2-terms of 4.5 years. We want ministerial, parliamentary and ambassadorial tenure not to exceed 13.5years.

 Give power to the people: We want to give power to the people by guaranteeing their rights to elect and replace their leaders without fear. We want the local people to take part in all affairs that affect them. We aim to build a platform of relationship between the state and the people.

 National interests: Rwanda, as a nation, has strategic interests like any other country. Therefore, the RPP aims to ask the law makers to guarantee immunity from prosecution against crimes or mistakes that may have been committed by the outgoing president during his tenure in the interest of state security. The RPP will take that as a lesson learned but without further action.

 Protection of civil servants: The RPP aims at protecting non executives and local people from losing their jobs because of their political affiliations. We would like to set up a political programme that would only affect politicians (executives) whenever there is change of governments.

 Mass media: The RPP believes a pluralist, democratic and responsible mass media are essential to social freedom. The freedom of media is indispensable in helping to form citizens’ opinions and to encourage them in civic participation.

 They can contribute to transparency in political affairs, to democratic control of administrative actions, to a genuine expression of the people’s will through elections, to knowledge of reality and to the collective effort to solve the nation’s problems.

 Further, to improve the people’s cultural level, as well as friendship and understanding among the people. The RPP aims at allowing existence – side by side with privately owned media – of a public sector including the different media (television, radio, press) which by virtue of its constitutional and legal status will be independent from the Government and political parties and explicitly bound to guaranteeing pluralism and the expression and clash of different trends of opinion.

 Rule of law: Justice cannot be established without guarantees of freedom, equality and expression. Through justice, balance can be achieved between the rights of individuals and groups, and through it we can guarantee that the state and its institutions do not turn against the interests of the citizens.

 Establishing justice is a practical endeavour which necessitates that society owns the tools and means to realise justice and defeat aggression. This is so that individuals are brought up on values and principles which encourage them to sacrifice in the cause of justice and establishing equality between people. Governance is based on justice and must be represented by the governing authority in itself and by implementing it in its domain.

 The RPP intends to institute a viable judicial system that is effective, accountable and independent and which will replace the Gacaca courts and establish a judicial and justice system which will deliver justice to all Rwandans.

 Education: Education is the future of the country and as such the RPP aims at providing free education for all up to the university. Emphasis will be put on sciences, technical, agriculture, research and business. 

 The RPP plans to build a Rwanda of tomorrow on the platform of education for future generations. We will revise the education system from learning to work to learn to teach. RPP will suspend all government scholarships on courses that could be taught in Rwanda.

 Instead, the RPP aims at training local Rwandan and importing thousands of professors and lecturers to provide education to the Rwandan people. The RPP will also encourage and support all Rwandans in the Diaspora to return home to engage in rebuilding of the new Rwanda we all want.

 Agricultural and rural development: The RPP intends to develop and rapidly modernise Rwandan agriculture, improve life in the countryside; increase agriculture, livestock and forestry production and productivity; improve the level of self-supply of basic foodstuffs; and preserve the rural world.

 The RPP aims to introduce a Land Reform which transforms to benefit local people and to empower individuals and collective farms/cooperatives and to small-scale farmers, improving small farms’ economic and productive organisations, namely by encouraging producers’ associations, farmers’ rights, and by guaranteeing that common lands are possessed, used and managed by local communities. 

 The RPP aims to institute a new Land Reform Policy that gives Free Land Ownership to all Rwandan, on buy-back scheme.

 The RPP aims to introduce and encourage Rwandans to grow what they can consume, trade and then export the surplus to our neighbours and globally.

 Today, the people of Rwanda die of hunger and starvation because they consume what they don’t produce and produce what they don’t consume. We aim to make agriculture the backbone of the Rwanda’s economy.

 The RPP will gradually abolish the coffee growing industry and be replaced with other cash crops that could be traded locally and exported globally in form of semi-raw materials. Ex. Cotton – could be used in over 50 different products and materials ranging from cottonseed, yarn, clothing, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, foods industry, bio-fuels, crude glycerine etc that could be exported to countries such as China, India, Turkey, Saudi, UK, Italy, France etc. etc.

 Social and health care: RPP takes individuals’ physical and mental state very important. We believe that healthy people are ones that are able produce and work hard.  The RPP aims to provide a universal free health care to all Rwandans.

 We will ban health insurance because it undermines the values and norms of our health care system. Instead, the RPP aims to use money wasted on health insurance to build health centres, dispensaries in rural and to introduce mobile health care and ambulances throughout Rwanda.

 Modern housing: The RPP aims to modernise the current Imidugudu Dwelling system, professionally in three areas; Habitual area, Industrial Area and Agricultural Area. 

 We aim the Imidugudu Dwelling Housing, fitted with modern amnesties, (water, electric etc.) and supported by local administration, social centres, trading centres, supermarkets, schools and health centres, dispensaries and modern industries to provide jobs to the locals.

 To this extent, we aim to attract, encourage and support young people to abandon villages in search for employment opportunities, thus living behind empty land that could be bought back by the state for social and economic development.

 The RPP aims to gradually confiscate the much misused Rwandan freedom in exchange for peace.  You may find this statement very confusing. It means that in Africa we wave much freedom in contrast to developed countries that have peace but they don’t have freedom. E.g. in Africa you decide what to do and when to do it. We have free housing, free water, free energy, free food and even if someone is unemployed, there is always alcohol for him or her to drink and get drunk.

 It is therefore, this misused and excessive freedom that denies peace to African people. In Africa, people have abundant times to waste doing nothing. In contrast to developed countries, where people don’t have such freedom of choice because, it is the daily circumstance and event of the day that determine their future.  To this extent, therefore, the RPP aims to leave no single Rwandan in the middle of the cross road.

The RPP aims to motivate and support all Rwandan to match to together on the same side of the road so as to rebuild the new Rwanda we all want.

 JK: Employment – We will Produce a local and global completive workforce and creating jobs for all Rwandan people is the primary agenda of the RPP. We aim to make agriculture, health and social care, construction, private businesses, manufacturing, transport and services to employee 85% of the Rwandan workforce, 10% civil services and 3% others. This is why the RPP aims to provide better education to all Rwandan people. 

 The RPP is also aims to support independent labour unions and employment tribunals to protect the interest of workers from unfair dismissals and bad working conditions.

 Taxation evasion and corruption: The RPP aims to make tax evasion and corruption a crime and punishable by law. This includes PAYE, NIC, and sales tax, custom duties etc… Except in areas where custom duties are waived. Income tax and PAYE will be obligatory to all Rwandans including; Heads of state, MPs. Ministers, Ambassadors, Police, and Army etc.

 You have in the past claimed the better part of Rwanda’s population live below the poverty line. Which economic policies would you put in place to alleviate the conditions of your countrymen?

 Trade and Commerce: Come to the top of the RPP economic policies. The RPP’s aim is to turnRwanda into Central, Eastern African Economic Tiger. We want Rwanda to become a role modern of a modern African state.  Rwanda is politically and economically well positioned to achieve this goal.

 The RPP have identified thousands of potential small, medium and large industries that are suitable to our country. We aim to use abundant local and global raw materials available; we have low employment and production costs comparable to developed countries.

 We aim to train well qualified, disciplined and competitive workforce that are able to work and teach. We aim to take the advantage buying local and foreign raw materials to be reprocessed into finished goods and semi-finished raw materials and components for local and export consumption.

 The RPP aims to introduce attractive policies and incentives that would encourage foreign joint-ventures and investors to join Rwanda’s liquid investment opportunities. The RPP will prioritize and offer incentives to jointure-ventures who are willing to provide technological transfer on a turnkey-basis. This may include machineries, one director and site training engineers to train local Rwandan to run how to work and to teach.

 We aim to make Rwandan self-sufficient in terms of production and processing of finished and semi-finished raw materials for local and foreign consumption.

 The RPP aims to freeze all unessential economic development in and around Kigali. The objectives are to distribute economic cakes to all areas of Rwanda. This means taking jobs to our people in townships, trading centres and rural.

 Every day, over 2 trillion US dollars are moving globally under joint-venture scheme. The RPP aims to facilitate and support Rwandan entrepreneurs to fetch their shares.

We will set up Rwanda – Import and Export Bank to support Rwandan business community. We will also set up Rwanda Chambers of Commerce and Industries jointly with our global trading partners to market Rwandan manufactured goods globally.

 We will set up Association Rwanda Entrepreneurs Board to advise and provide free business studies, planning and trade finance to Rwandan who wants start-up new businesses. In addition, the RPP plans to set-up the Association of Rwanda Small and Medium Industrial Advisory Council to advise and encourage local and external industrialists to set-up industries in Rwanda.

 The RPP aims at encouraging and supporting the establishment of an Independent Trade and Industrial Board to oversee Fair Trade and Competitions Practice in Rwanda.

 Immigration policy: The RPP intends to continue none visa requirements to citizens of the EAC. The RPP encourages free movements of goods, labour and services and guarantee automatic citizenship to the people of Uganda, Burundi and the DRC.

 RPP will also guarantee citizenships to all foreigners who have been living and work in Rwanda for the past 10 years.  The RPP will allow foreigners that have been working and living in Rwanda for over 5 years to participate in the local council elections. These visitors affect us the way we affect them and as such it would be very appropriate for them to take a part in decisions that will affect all of us.

 RPP aims at relaxing immigration worker’s restrictions such as Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Research, Consultants, and Teachers etc. who would like to come and work in Rwanda.

 Communication: Rwanda is political and economically well advantaged in the Great Lakes of Nations. The country is also a hub for innovative and hardworking people. The RPP intends to makeRwanda the most competitive nation in the region in terms of communication industry.

 To this extent, the RPP will build rail lines connecting Rwanda to all our neighbours, in the DRC,Uganda, South Sudan, North Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi.

 RPP also intends to build roads throughout Rwanda, ICT, modern telephone network and airport to link Rwanda to its neighbours and the International community. We aim at making Rwanda an international transit, trans-shipment and communication corridor linking visitors going to Uganda, DRC, Tanzania and Burundi and Southern Sudan. 

 Regional policy: The RPP will support the continuation of Rwanda membership of the EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY. We will advocate for a single state, single currency and free movement of goods and labour.

 In the absence of a single currency,  the RPP will ask the Rwandan parliament to allow Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, DRC, Kenya, South Sudan currencies to be used parallel of the Rwandan Francs.

 The RPP will work to harmonize the internal, foreign, defence, trade and cultural affairs with Uganda,Burundi and the DRC governments.

 The RPP will work towards reviving the Habyarimana and Mobutu’s cooperation in exploration of mineral ores, gas and other energies in the DRC of Congo.

 Regional security: We will work with the government and people of the DRC and regional powers to facilitate a lasting peace in the Eastern part of the DRC. We will also end the FDLR insurgency within 12 month and to bring home all Rwandan refugees within 24 months.

 Foreign policy: The RPP aims at actively contributing to the creation of an Africa of peace, progress, friendship and cooperation among sovereign peoples and nations with equal rights, advancing the disarmament process, dissolving all political-military blocs, creating a collective security system that respects and guarantees the sovereignty of States and freedom of choice for peoples, realizing the African Standby Force (ASF) and Common Foreign Security Policy’s potential, protecting it from attempts to deface and manipulate it.

 We also seek honourable close ties with Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE).  The RPP will honour all the current RPF existing contractual obligations with the international community. These include arrangements with foreign governments, organisations and guarantees of global peace and fight against terrorism.

 We aim to uphold and respect the Rwanda’s current deployment of Rwandan troops and police toDarfur, Haiti etc. The RPP will deploy Rwandan peace keepers etc. to any other countries including Somalia etc. where their noble duties may be needed to safe guard the rights of humanity.

 GM: You have been living in Sweden since 1986, who forced you into exile? 

 Paul Kagame and other Rwandans whose names cannot be mentioned here, since there are no longer with us to defend themselves.

 It happened after the formation of the Rwanda National Liberation Movement in 1986. I was arrested at my residence at 2am with about 30 armed soldiers. They took me to Lubiri Barracks where I was imprisoned for 2 months.

 Then to Luzira maximum Prison where I spent 6 months. On 18/10/1986, they took me to Kabale,Uganda, where I was forced to meet a delegation from the late Habyarimana’s regime without my consent. On 28/12/1986 the authorities in Uganda told me that I will be sent to Sweden together with my family.

 GM: Tell us about your struggle for freedom in Rwanda and relationship with fallen UgandaPresident Godfrey Binaisa. 

 I have been fighting for the rights, freedom and dignity of Rwandan people since 1983. I mean the innocent, the defenceless and the downtrodden ones whose voice cannot be heard because they can’t speak for themselves.

 The late Binaisa was one of my best friends and someone whom you can relate to. We had a warm friendship like the one I had with late David Ruyondo.

 The late Ruyondo was the Town Clerk of Masaka and was killed because of his closeness with Mr. Museveni. I would have said more if he is still around to justify my statement. Indeed,  I had a good relationship with other Ugandan ruling elites, such  President Museveni, late Paul Muwanga, Obote II and Idi Amin and as well as other Ugandan prominent politicians such as late Ponsiano Kafuma of Namagoma, Villa Maria, Masaka, Everest Nyanzi etc.

 How is life in exile?

 Exile is like a country prison and that is why we are fighting for our rights to return to our mother country. Unfortunately, Kagame is behaving like Habyarimana as he too doesn’t want his fellow countrymen to return to home. This is a shame that it is being done by someone who was a refugee himself.

 Do you concur with other opposition top shots who claim President Kagame has flatly failed to open up political space?

 Sure! That’s why we established the RPP to fight for such human rights, freedom and dignity of our people. Kagame believes that all eleven million Rwandese should wear the same uniform and eat the same food like himself. This is wrong.

 This is why he believes that those who have different views are both his traditional and common enemies

 Which areas do you think President Kagame has failed to develop?

 Generally president Kagame has no fresh ideas to offer to his country and people. That’s why we are calling him to retire.

 RPF has brought political stability and developmental projects to the nation; don’t you think he deserves credit for such initiatives?

 Yes everybody deserves credit where it is due.  The RPP’s aims to maintain these areas where President Paul Kagame has done well and abolish those policies and procedures that are detrimental or not good for our country and people.

 You have been calling for peace talks with Kagame. What is your agenda and why do you think he has not been responsive?

 My agenda is to bring peace and tranquility to this torn country. We want to build a new Rwandathat we all want. We believe that political stability of our country can only be guaranteed by all Rwandese working together as a team.

 We want RPF to be a party of the new Rwanda. There is no response from President Paul Kagame because he doesn’t want peace.  We believe president is governed by wall of fears of unknown and barriers of distrust. That’s why he fears Peace Talks.

 In your capacity as RPP boss, what have you done for the people of Rwanda?

 We have achieved most of our political agenda. We have exposed the darkest side of Kagame’s regime. We have also been supporting international projects to improve lives of Rwandese. I also motivated, encouraged and supported Rwandan refugees to liberate their country from the clutches of the late Habyarimana’s regime.

 President Kagame has in the past said he will not seek another term in office. Do you believe him?

 Kagame is an unpredictable person. He may even resign tomorrow. I believe he means his word. I knew Paul since 1980 at Masaka Liberation Square. By then I was the UPM Publicity Secretary (Masaka District). He was with Museveni, Rwigyema and several UPM officials.  Kagame and I, none of us, knew that we came from the same place in Rwanda even though our grandparents used to share a smoking pipe. This is a tragedy of being a refugee.

 Don’t you think Kagame needs to reconcile with Kayumba and Karegeya for the good ofRwanda?

 I think he needs to reconcile with all political parties. The problem of Rwanda is not between Kayumba, Patrick and Kagame alone.

 Your last word to your countrymen in Rwanda and overseas?

Fellow Rwandese we thank you once again for your unreserved support to the RPP. As a party we salute you and recognise your suffering of many years of dictatorships and our country is at a cross roads now.

 We can continue to travel along the road of blood and destruction that President Kagame has led us for the last 18 years or can we travel in a different direction, on a road of peace, reconciliation and national development of our country.

 These are the two stark choices we face today and the choices that will determine our future as a country and a people. The Rwandan people therefore have to make a decision at this critical moment in their history.

 The RPP believes that it is not too late to avert such undesirable situation. This can be avoided should the Kigali regime respond positively to the RPP’s quest for peace talks.

 Our party is confident and nothing will stand in its way to achieve its objectives peacefully. Once Lenin wrote that: It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. “But when it comes, it moves irresistibly”. I can assure you that, the bloody finale of the tyrannical regime in Rwanda is about to come to an end. Rwanda will explode if Mr. Kagame continues resist peaceful changes. We must go out peacefully, defy the state and demand the change. 

 As a party, we appeal once again to our supporters and well wishers to remain patient and hopeful, because change is imminent. President Kagame approaches his moment of truth.

 Finally, we invite you once again to look into the eyes of the oppressed ones, the   poor and the most vulnerable ones who have no freedom of choice, freedom expression, and freedom of assembly. Think of those whose voices cannot be heard because they cannot speak for themselves and yet no one can dare to speak on their behalf.


Thank you and God bless you all.



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